List of Top 10 Star Plus TV Show for 2014-2015

Friends New Year 2015 is coming and 2014 is saying Bye to us. In the upcoming year which Tv shows of Star Plus is in Top Positions.I am sharing all information regarding Top Tv shows of Starplus. Star plus is the Largest TV network in india. their Tv Shows is also very Popular among us. Enjoy the Top 10 TV shows list only at

List of all TV shows is given Below:-  

1. Diya Aur Baati Hum
2. Everest (Indian TV series)
3. Ek Veer Ki Ardaas...Veera
4. Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
5. Ye Hai Mohabbatein
6. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?...Ek Baar Phir
7.Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
8. Suhani Si Ek Ladki
9. Tu Mera Hero
10.Nisha Aur Uske Cousins

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Top 10 Star Plus TV Show Diya Aur Baati Hum
Diya Aur Baati Hum

Diya Aur Baati Hum is the story of Sandhya as she trains as an Indian Police Service officer.She dreams to break the boundaries of her confined existence of middle class values. The story is also about Sooraj, who is a self-made man. Sooraj owns a famous sweet shop near his house.
Sooraj and Sandhya get married under strained circumstances. She struggles with her strict mother-in-law who does not accept that her daughter-in-law could become a police officer. The story shows how a husband becomes his wife's strength and helps her to fulfil her dream. Sandhya completes IPS training and wins the Best Cadet Trophy. The programme now shows her work as an ASP in Pushkar. Sooraj gets the title of World's Top Cook.
Two terrorists come to Sandhya's house disguised as a simple poor woman and Sooraj's helper. They mislead Sooraj and others that Sooraj has to go Dubai. So everyone makes preparations to go to Dubai. Chaturi, Bhabo and Sooraj go to Dubai but their flight was hijacked by disha- sooraj's helper, Prema and their head called "Baiji"(Maya) Rajkumar's sister. Flight 2310 is hijacked while they are on the plane.The hijackers demand for Rajkumar's freedom.They kill 3 people and everyone's lives are in danger.Sandhya manages to capture them with the help of Zakir and Arjun. They kill Maya, Prema and Disha. But unfortunately Bhabo gets shot while she was saving Sooraj. Babasa blames Sandhya for for all this, while Sandhya and Zakir get praised all over the country .

Everest (Indian TV series)

Top 10 Star Plus TV Show Everest (Indian TV series)
Everest (Indian TV series)
When creating his concept, Ashutosh Gowariker realised that a television script is different than one for film projects, and that covering mountaineering as a sport would have limitations. He ultimately derived a script that attempted to show the mountaineers' inner satisfactions at their attempts to conquer their obstacles.
The concept of Everest took shape in Gowariker's mind around two years before the telenovela was made. At that time he was confused between the themes of female empowerment and the fairly obscure sport of mountaineering. As he could not proceed with either of them individually, Gowariker combined the two themes into one, creating the theme of Everest. Gowariker stated that: "The whole idea of the show actually began with an insight that what are you willing to do for your dreams?" Before starting the shooting of Everest, Gowariker had to do a great deal of research. The makers referred to books such as To Everest and Beyond (by Edmund Hillary) and accounts by various other mountaineers, a few of whom they met personally.

 Mitali Mahajan, who co-wrote the story and the screenplay of the show, said: "There are 14 peaks that have an elevation of over 8,000 meters and some enthusiastic people have climbed them all. A lot of them have live blogs about their journey through these peak. We have been following a lot of them."
Accustomed to writing the scripts for movies, Gowariker said that he found it difficult to write the script for Everest. Typically, in the case of a soap opera, the story is not written entirely prior to release. Rather, it is written as the soap opera goes on, analysing various factors such as the TRPs (television rating points) and the audience feedback. Everest, however, was not written this way. Gowariker has also said that it was while writing the story that he realised the self-satisfaction that people get after climbing Mount Everest. After finishing writing the story, he realised not only that he wanted to produce the show, but also that he also needed experts to direct it.Gowariker said in a group interview that through Everest he would also be addressing the girl child issue.

Ek Veer Ki Ardaas...Veera

Ek Veer Ki Ardaas...Veera

                              Ek Veer Ki Ardaas...Veera

This is the story of Ranveer and his half-sister Veera.
Veera returns home after her studies and fights with Baldev. As she did in her childhood. Slowly she falls in love with her friend, Karan. At the same time, Ranveer is in love with Gunjan. Gunjan receives a proposal, which she accepts. Ranveer is heartbroken but pretends to be happy. Later Veera and Ranveer find out that this person physically abused his ex-wife. Veera and Ranveer stop the wedding, and Gunjan is devastated. Ranveer tries to cheer her up. Electricity problems face the village and Karan comes up with the idea of putting up a solar panel to which everyone agrees. There is a play of Heer-Ranjha in the village and Veera is Heer and Baldev is Ranjha. Veera comes to know that Karan is cheating them because he is going to take the solar panel back and improve his career. Veera is heartbroken but Ranvi makes her fine. Ratan takes the proposal of Ranveer to Gunjan but she denies it saying that she wanted to take revenge to Ranvi for breaking her marriage. Ranveer and Gunjan find out that Veera is the daughter of Sampooran and Amrita. Gunjan takes advantage to this matter and informs Veera the truth. Veera is shocked on knowing this and starts to cry. Baldev consoles her.
Veera knows that Ranveer is her half-brother, and that her house is up for auction. At night Veera goes to her her father's field to let Sampooran know that she is going to fulfill his dreams while Chaiji gets there and she asks her what's going on and she has to tell the truth and then Veera tells her she has found out the truth. Veera tries to make a plan on opening a school on the fields of what was Ranveer and Sampooran's dream.
Gunjan was trapped by a film director and Ranveer saved her but people misunderstood Ranveer. Balwant got heart attack because of this. After knowing the truth that Ranveer was innocent he requested Ranveer to marry Gunjan. Meanwhile Veera investigated and got the proof against Gunjan. But Ranjan was married before Veera came to Mandap. Veera and Baldev unite Ranjan after many attempts. Veera came to know about Ranveer's singing talent. She made Ranveer sing for an album. Meanwhile Veera and Baldev went to Poland to learn new techniques in farming from Mr.Neel. After going to Poland they came to know Mr.Neel sir was their Nihal chachu. He taught all techniques to them. In Poland Baldev helped Veera and taken care of her. After returning to India Veera realized her feelings for Baldev, and tried to convey it to Baldev. After so many failures she told Baldev she loved him. Then there were some scenes of their love track. Veera and Baldev decided to bring Nihal to India. And they convinced Ranveer to accept Nihal. Meanwhile Ranveer's album releases and he got the chance to participate in a music competition. They went to Mumbai. Ranveer was kidnapped there and saved by Baldev. He won the competition. Gunjan was happy by spending her dreamed life in Mumbai and not want to return pritampura, but Ranveer denied it. After returning he came to know about Veera and Baldev relationship. He was so annoyed at this and denied to give Veera to Baldev.
Baldev and Veera tried to convince Ranveer. Meanwhile Ranveer was trapped in alcohol case by goons and blamed Baldev for it. Veera slaps Baldev for sending her brother to jail. She came to know Baldev was innocent and apologized to Baldev. But Baldev breaks his relationship with Veera for not trusting him and in the spur of the moment Baldev agrees to marry Simran - the daughter of Bansuri's friend. Veera is distraught upon hearing this but when her and Baldev meet accidentally on the street, they both pretend they aren't hurt by the other's actions. Preparations are under way for the wedding meanwhile Gunjan is in debt to her friends after borrowing money to gamble. Gunjan tries to sell the jewelry of amrit which she gave to simran on simran's wedding. But she came to know that jewelry is fake and she tries to tell this to bansuri. But amrit threatens gunjan that she will reveal her gambling to her family members. Meanwhile veera came to know about simran's boyfriend. To prove the real character of simran she participates in baldev's marriage preparations. Veera succeeds in breaking up Baldev's wedding by introducing Simran's boyfriend to the henna ceremony. Veera and Balev reunite, however the officer succeeds in getting Baldves beat up because of jealousy issues.Veera and Billa rescues Baldev from goons.Ranveer and Veera takes Baldev to hospital and due to Veera's care and love baldev recovers from illness and ask Veera to take him to her veerji.Baldev promises Ranvi that he would take care of veera and asks Ranvi for Veera's hand in marriage he exclaims with folded hands that he would love and keep her happy throughout his life.Finally Ranvi agrees for Veera and Baldev's marriage.Rajveer had emailed a message in Baldev's phone to Veera's phone as a trap for Baldev and Veera.Rajveer had kidnapped Mr. Nihal and Nihal used the torch and hit on Rajveer's forehead.Nihal managed to flee and going tell everyone in Pritampura that Rajveer is a fraud.But some goons saw that their boss was injured and they helped him and he said to kill Nihal and not let Nihal reach Pritampura.Nihal tried calling Baldev saying his life was in danger and going to say that Rajveer is after him but Rajveer immediately covered Nihal's mouth and killed Nihal with a jack.He gave Baldev the address saying to come at the polyhouse as a trap to frame Baldev.Ranvi saw Baldev with the murder weapon and holding Nihal's corpse.Rajveer told Ranvi that Baldev had killed him but it's a lie to frame Baldev and arrest him in jail so that the wedding will be canceled.

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

Top 10 Star Plus TV ShowSaath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhana Saathiya is the story of two cousins – Gopi and Rashi – who are complete opposites. Gopi is an orphan who lives with her Mama-Mami and cousin Rashi. She is very innocent and is illiterate. Rashi is very greedy like her mother Urmila Shah.
The story starts with Kokila 's search for a perfect bride for her son Ahem. She chooses Gopi as her daughter-in-law. This makes Urmila becomes jealous of Gopi so they trick Ahem's cousin Jigar into marrying Rashi. Ahem leaves his girlfriend Anita for his mother without knowing that Gopi is illiterate.
Rashi and Urmila try to ruin Gopi's married life with their tricks: it fails after Gopi becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl named Meera. Ahem confesses his love for Gopi and after many complications Rashi gives birth to twins named Samar and Sahir. Gopi is also reunited with her parents and sister.
Umang - Anita's brother comes back to get revenge on Ahem for ditching Anita, by fake-loving Radha, Gopi's sister. Umang already has a wife called Tripti. Among and Tripti try to steal all their money. Among suddenly dies and Gopi gets arrested for killing him but the truth comes out as Tripti had killed Umang. Afterwards, Kinjal gets pregnant. Radha refuses to believe that Tripti had killed Umang. Radha decides to kill Meera to take revenge on Gopi as Radha still believes that she had killed Umang. One day, when the Modi Family went to Kuldevi Temple for a picnic, Radha tried hard to make Meera fall into the lake, fortunately Gopi comes running to Meera and tries to get her away from the lake, but just then poor Gopi slips on the wet grass and dropped Meera into the lake. Meera is not found afterwards. Kokila and Ahem blame Gopi for the death of Meera, so then Gopi leaves the house, without telling anyone she was pregnant.

Ye Hai Mohabbatein

Top 10 Star Plus TV Show Ye Hai Mohabbatein
Ye Hai Mohabbatein
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein follows the story of Raman Kumar Bhalla (Karan Patel) and Ishita Iyer (Divyanka Tripathi) who are connected by their common love for Raman's little daughter Ruhi (Ruhanika Dhawan).
Ishita is a Tamilian whereas Raman is a Punjabi. Ishita, who is unable to bear children, shares a very close, motherly relationship with Ruhi, while filling the void of a child in her own. She has been rejected by many marriage alliances because she is barren. She is friendly, warm and caring while Raman is bitter and hard from the days of his divorce.
During his daughter's custody case, he marries Ishita so that he can get custody. Raman gets his daughter Ruhi's custody. Raman also has an 11 year-old son Aditya(Gautam Ahuja), whose mind is poisoned against Raman by his ex-wife Shagun Arora (Anita Hassanandani) who recently got engaged to Raman's business rival and ex-boss, Ashok Khanna (Sangram Singh). Court has given Aditya's custody to Shagun.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?...Ek Baar Phir

Top 10 Star Plus TV Show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?...Ek Baar Phir
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?...Ek Baar Phir
Aastha is a free-minded girl who will do almost anything for the people she thinks are right. Shlok, on the other hand, believes in wealth more than in relationships. He has a miserable past which makes him hate women, including his mother. Upon meeting for the first time, Shlok misunderstands and blames Aastha. She can't reveal anything to her parents, as Shlok has threatened that if she does, he will put her father in jail. Aastha's father does go to jail and, assuming that Shlok is responsible, she files a divorce petition in court. However, Aastha is ordered to stay with Shlok until next the court hearing in six months. During this time, Aastha discovers that Shlok is actually a very good person, whose past has made him arrogant. She thinks she can change him, and soon, Shlok realizes and confesses his true feelings for Aastha. Soon after happily consummating their marriage, Aastha realizes that Niranjan is the real villain, who forces Anjali to do everything.
Sojal learns the truth of Niranjan and joins Aastha and Anjali. Varad repents on his mistake and want Sojal and Kavya back. Sojal asks for some time. Niranjan plans to kill Aastha by tying her to the Raavan Dahan. Shlok rescues Astha and saves her from dying. He finds out the truth about his father, as he catches him admitting to all his sins. After knowing the truth, Shlok is shattered, and leaves the house with Anjali and Aastha. Anjali asks Varad and Sojal to stay with Niranjan. Varad tries to stop them but Shlok tells that he wants to make his own identity. Shlok and Astha decides to send Anjali to, Vridh Aashram, due to their financial level they couldn't give her enough food and facilities. Soon Kalindi and Avdhoot comes to know the truth. They ask them to stay with them at their house. But Shlok and Aastha refuse. Soon media knows this and it becomes a sensational news. Shlok and Aastha decide to leave the city and start a new life with Anjali's permission. Aastha and shlok leave for Mumbai and start a new life by opening their own food truck. Their business is interrupted by Raghu Bhai, a goon who demands free food and money from them. Shlok decides to stand up against the goons,but Rahgu kidnaps Shlok. Finally, Shlok assaults Raghu Bhai and gets Raghu Bhai and his goons arrested. The couples moves into a new house and calls Anjali to live with them.

 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai was cited for its lack of realism of female characters, wherein a female character would dress up in a colorful sari and much makeup to then make breakfast for her family and wash dishes. Its dubbed Telugu version became popular among Telugu audiences causing much distress among the Telugu entertainment industry and calls to ban it and other dubbed shows.
Hina Khan participated in the ‘Power of 49’ campaign in which soap opera actors urged women to vote in elections because of the influence soap operas can have on their viewers.
Shoma Munshi said the show has "simplicity and highly emotional content" and was noted for
placing female characters in the historical tradition of a large joint family.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Top 10 Star Plus TV Show Suhani Si Ek Ladki
 Suhani Si Ek Ladki
The story is about Suhani who is an average looking yet free spirited and kind girl, who loves everyone. The story is also about Yuvraj who is a rich boy. He believes in beauty. Suhani's best friend is Soumya who is a fair girl. Yuvraj falls in love with Soumya but Suhani and Soumya think that Yuvraj loves Suhani and their marriage is fixed,Yuvraj's mom likes Suhani. Yuvraj confesses his love to Soumya and she was shocked, as she loves Krishna. She marries Krishna against her mother's wish. Suhani's father blackmails Yuvraj for her sake. He marries Suhani. Soumya's mother-in-law and sister-in-law hate her,and arguments break between Soumya and Krishna. Whereas Suhani's grandmother-in-law hates her as she is not fair. Menka and Ragini get Dadi attracted to Soumya. They try to bring Soumya back in Yuvraj's life. Suhani brings Soumya to Birla House as she thinks that Krishna is torturing Soumya. Dadi, Ragini and Menka make many attempts to bring Soumya close to Yuvraj but Pratima and Sharad oppose them. Dadi troubles Suhani. Eventually Soumya falls in love with Yuvraj and tries to come between Suhani and Yuvraj. Suhani is unaware of all this happenings.

Tu Mera Hero

Top 10 Star Plus TV Show Tu Mera Hero
Tu Mera Hero
The show will bring to light the lives of Titu – a lazy, laid-back yet extremely humorous and charming boy and Panchhi, the bubbly girl next door who dreams of a fairy tale love story! Set in Mathura, India ‘Tu Mera Hero’ traces the unpredictable union of Titu and Panchhi.
The basic concept of its story is inspired from the movie Raja Babu, however the script will be changed accordingly. The story of the show revolves around Titu and his ladylove Panchi. Titu is a lazy and relax kind of a person, but he has a great sense of humour. People are going to have a laughter ride with him. What makes him unique is his different take on life.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins

                                       Nisha Aur Uske Cousins

This story is about seven cousins and three generations who live together in Jaipur.
The show starts with the lead, Nisha Gangwal (Aneri Vajani) climbing up the fort wall with her friend Saurav (Vibhu Raghave) to set up a farewell party for her sister Dolly (Purvi Mundada). The cousins are introduced - Umesh (Meherzaan Mazda), the oldest amongst the cousins whose passion is cooking, Dolly who loves shopping and is soon about to be married to Sumit, Kirti (Heli Daruwala) - a fashionista who is slightly vain and self-involved, Nisha - a tomboy and a daredevil at heart, Suketu (Parv Kaila) - an aspiring actor, Jwala (Barbie Jain) - a loveable geek who is intelligent but shy, and Bunty (Nikunj Pandey) - the youngest among all the cousins and a typical mischief-maker. Despite their differing personalities, the cousins are linked together by a common thread of love and friendship and are each other's support system. They are a part of a joint family of three brothers, their wives and Dadaji and Dadi. Dadaji is a strict man who loves his grandchildren but believes in discipline and traditions who has very different ideals and mindset than the cousins.
The cousins sort through all the troubles that crop up during Dolly's wedding (that they inevitably caused) and ensure she gets married to Sumit. The plot also brings a new NRI Ritesh (Mohsin Khan), Sumit's cousin who is interested in Nisha and Dadaji decides to get Nisha married to Ritesh. As Nisha is not interested in Ritesh, Ritesh challenges her that he is perfect for her and will get her to approve for the marriage. This results in a lot of arguments and drama within the family. Lakshmi as per the suggestion of Vimla goes to the counselor to know what affected Nisha so badly that her whole mindset about marriages and dressing up changed. The counselor suggest that there is some incident which affected Nisha. Lakshmi searches Nisha's room for a clue. She sees a diary in which the pages where she stuck newspaper cuttings of a prize winning ceremony torn and scribbled with red ink. Lakshmi asks Nisha whether was there any incident which she didn't share with her mom and dad. She ignores the question and goes to sleep. Meanwhile Nisha notices Jwala's new Maths tuition teacher Mr.Ashish's behavior towards Jwala. Jwala gets low marks and Ashish arranges for retest illegally but instead takes her to an old isolated place. Jwala updates her status of the place. Nisha goes to find her and sees Mr.Ashish trying to misbehave with Jwala. She beats him badly while Lakshmi calls Nisha in her phone and Jwala asks Lakshmi to come there. Nisha reveals the incident that 8 years before in the Pilani sports meet, a few guys tried to misbehave with her but used her physical strength to avoid it. Nisha fights for filing a case against Ashish with Rupan and Mohan and for getting Jwala justice. After hearing the cousins's arguments and Jwala's plea, Dadaji decides to file a case to put Ashish behind the bars. Meanwhile Umesh and Ramesh try to make Ritesh and Kirti to confess their love for each other. Lakshmi informs about the incident to Dadi and Dadaji and asks Dadaji to give her 6 months to change. Laksmi still haven't grabbed the courage to inform about the incident to Ramesh. Nisha becomes delighted on learning that Viraj Singh Rathore will be honouring her. Ritesh realises that he loves Kirti and decides to marry her. Kirti and Ritesh get engaged.. Sumit decides to go on a picnic with Dolly and her cousins. All are happy and Dadaji gives Nisha 6 months to change and choose her future plans.
Nisha becomes inspired by Viraj Singh Rathore (Taher Shabbhir) and decides to get a job as his office assistant. She faces a lot of difficulties Nisha however manages . Viraj calls his coach Shekhar to train Priyanka in riffle shooting. Meanwhile, Umesh's girlfriend's - Amanpreet's (Priya Singh) father passes away, motivating Umesh to take a stand against his family and announce that he wants to marry Amanpreet, which is not received well by the elders who want Umesh to get married to a Jain girl. Viraj saves Amanpreet from her authoritative and rude uncle and develops a brother-sister bond with her. Umesh tries to tell his dad about Amanpreet but before telling a tragedy happen as his dad suffers a heart attack and his mom blames it on him. Nisha is bulleyed by Priyanka and her friends which reminds Nisha of her horrible past. Nisha develops feelings for Viraj. Nisha and Viraj spend a quality time with each other. Nisha celebrates her 22nd birthday with her cousins. They make Nisha confess her feelings for Viraj.
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