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ZEE TV Neeli Chatri Waale : THE SHOW REVIEW

Today we are Reviewing the Television Show  Neeli Chatri Waale which is telecasting on ZEE tv. This Show is based on the relationship between God and Human. This Show is based on  the story of Bhagwan Das Choubey and  Lord Shivaye . There are 1 billions peoples pary to 330 million God everyday.We all are searching god everywhere in the world. We all are wondered what happens when we face God ?
What we will ask Him?
Finally one day you actually meet the God on earth ?
What if God does not look the way you always imagined him to be?
 This show is just based on the Questions that make you introspect and listen to your own inner voice...  How will your life change? These are just some of the questions faced by Bhagwan Das, the protagonist of Zee TV's  weekend fiction show 'Neeli Chhatri Waale ' who has the privilege of meeting and befriending God.
ZEE TV Neeli Chatri Waale : THE SHOW RIVIEW
ZEE TV Neeli Chatri Waale : THE SHOW RIVIEW

This show explores a unique relationship between man and God as his friend. Based on the ture philosophy of 'God is within us', 'Neeli Chhatri Waale ' is a light-hearted drama highlighting Bhagwan Das and his relationship with Lord Shivaye who emerges in front of him - not as the hallowed, much revered avatar but as a young, smart, contemporary youth wielding a blue umbrella. Catch Bhagwan Das on a journey of listening to his inner voice through conversations with God.

Now Lets Talk About Characters in "ZEE TV Neeli Chatri Waale":-
Disha Savla as Bobby in Neeli Chatri waleDisha Savla as Bobby :- Disha Savla, is a Gujarati theatre artist  and is fondly remembered for her roles on television, plays Bhagwan Das's wife on the show.She is the source of much agony for the hassled Bhagwan Das.
Disha Savla as Bobby in Neeli Chatri wale
Yashpal Sharma as Bhagwan Das :- YashPal Sharma is a Best Known Bollywood actor.He is playing role of Bhagwan das in "Neeli Chatri wale " and Husband of Bobby.
Yashpal Sharma as Bhagwan Das


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