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Meer Ali Joining Sadda Haq Tv Show on Channel 'V'

Krrip Kapur Suri, who played the role of professor Vardhan Suryavanshi in Yash Patnaik's Sadda Haq, was killed on the show. He called it quits as he is playing the male lead in Ekta Kapoor's Kalash. And stepping in as the new professor on Sadda Haq is actor Meer Ali, who was last seen in Shapath as cop Anurag Mirza.

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Meer Ali Joining Sadda Haq Tv Show on Channel 'V'
Meer Ali Joining Sadda Haq Tv Show on Channel 'V'

In his new show, he is playing a drunkard genius. He says, "My character is of mentor Vivek Chauhan. He is not a regular professor. He is a drunkard, man of a few words and snooty. He doesn't think twice before insulting people."

Apart from the character, it was the title of the show that prompted him to take up the offer. "The title means my rights. This show gives me the opportunity to inspire and motivate youth to fight for their rights. Since it's a youth-based show, it has a lot of enigma, enthusiasm and freshness around. It gives me a feeling of being at the college. It's just that I am a mentor this time around and not a student," he says. 
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