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‘Time Machine’ Epic Tv New Show Wiki Plot |Timing | Promo | Star-Cast | Music

Epic tv which is famous for their Mythological Tv shows is planning to Launch his new Tv serial ‘Time Machine’  . Launch dates of serial is not yet revealed by Epic Tv . We already seen a movies based on "Time" in Bollywood like Fun 2shh and also in Hollywood by same name as Time Machine. Now Epic tv experimenting ‘Time Machine’ to grow his channel TRP. This show is produced by Pride Rock Television Pvt. Ltd.

Time travel has always fascinated audiences across the world. This show blends action, adventure, mystery coupled with Indian history into an entertaining show for the whole family.

Concept/Plot of ‘Time Machine’ Epic Tv Show

The mini-series is an action adventure show about a group of four unique individuals who travel back in time to accomplish missions.
A genius scientist Kartik Devraj (KD) brings together a group of strangers to travel back in time to accomplish tasks in the past. KD ropes in Adheer – the master thief, Roshni – the inventive hacker and Dev – the angry gang-lord. KD wants them to travel back in time through the time machine he invented and seek out lost treasures and artifacts lost in history.

‘Time Machine’ Epic Tv New Show Wiki Plot |Timing | Promo | Star-Cast | Music
‘Time Machine’ Epic Tv New Show Wiki Plot |Timing | Promo | Star-Cast | Music
The 3 accomplices, masters of their own skill, begin their adventure through time. But, unknown to them is the real reason why KD is making them do this. Stooges in a larger plot, the show takes us on fantastic journey of different eras in Indian history with great action and adventure.

As the season unfolds, the mystery behind the real mission begins to unravel. But will their clock run out before the mission is completed?

Star-Cast of ‘Time Machine’ Epic Tv Show

  • Arbaaz Ali Khan
  • Manish Wadhwa
  • Krishna Shetty
  • Anjum Fakih
  • Vishal Singh
  • Kushal Punjabi

Timings |Repeat Telecast of '‘Time Machine’ Epic Tv Show Wiki

  • Tv Show Name :- ‘Time Machine'
  • Tv Channel Name :- Epic Tv
  • Genre - Adventure
  • Day - Every Wednesday
  • Show Time - 09:00 PM
  • Language- Hindi


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