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'BEHULA' Sahara One Upcoming Tv Serial Wiki Plot |StarCast |Promo |Timings Wiki

"BEHULA"  is an Upcoming Sahara One Serial which is going to be Launching soon.

"BEHULA" Launching on 14 Dec 2015 at 7:30 PM and 09:00 PM, Only On Sahara TV !!

Story /Plot Wiki

The show was adapted from the Hindu mythological story of Manasamangal Kāvya and Behula. The story of Manasamangal begins with the conflict of the merchant Chandradhar or Chand Sadagar with Manasa and ends with Chandradhar becoming an ardent devotee of Manasa.

'BEHULA' Sahara One Upcoming Tv Serial Wiki Plot |StarCast |Promo |Timings Wiki
'BEHULA' Sahara One Upcoming Tv Serial Wiki Plot |StarCast |Promo |Timings Wiki
Chandradhar is a worshipper of Shiva, but Manasa hopes that she can win over Chand to her worship. But, far from worshipping her, Chand refuses to even recognize her as a deity. Manasa takes revenge upon Chand by destroying seven of his ships at sea and killing his seven sons. 
Finally, Behula, the newly-wed wife of Chand's youngest son Lakhindar, makes the goddess bow to her love for her husband through her strength of character, limitless courage and deep devotion. Behula succeeds in bringing Chand's seven sons back to life and rescuing their ships. 

'BEHULA' Sahara One Upcoming Tv Serial Wiki Plot |StarCast |Promo |Timings Wiki
'BEHULA' Sahara One Upcoming Tv Serial Wiki Plot |StarCast |Promo |Timings Wiki
Then only does Behula return home.Manasamangal is basically the tale of oppressed humanity. Chandradhar and Behula have been portrayed as two strong and determined characters at a time when ordinary human beings were subjugated and humiliated.

Star Cast

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The Promo of the Show is not released by Sahara One. We will update soon.


  • Show Name :- 'BEHULA'
  • Channel Name :-  Sahara One
  • Launch Date :- 14 December 2015
  • Days :- Monday-Friday
  • Time :- 7:30 PM and 09:00 PM
  • Genre :- Drama


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