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'Hotel Hell' TLC HD World Upcoming Tv Series Wiki Plot |Star-Cast |Pics |Timing |Promo |Video

'Hotel Hell' TLC HD World New Series  Wiki

Lifestyle channel TLC HD World will present a new series ‘Hotel Hell’, which will feature Gordon Ramsay.Ramsay travel across America in search of horrid hotels and work towards turning them around.

‘Hotel Hell’ will see Ramsay fix these horrible hotels, awful inns and bed and breakfasts revamped into beautiful, clean and lively places to stay, revamped to meet a traveller’s expectations.

Plot of 'Hotel Hell' TLC HD World New Series

In ‘Hotel Hell’, the viewers will see Gordon Ramsay sleep on stained mattresses, take cold showers in moldy bathrooms and confront hotel ghosts.

Interestingly, he will take his hospitality reviews to a new benchmark and showcase unexpected results. After more than a decade of running restaurants in top hotels around the world, Gordon’s reputation is on the line and if the hotels fail to meet Gordon’s high standards, they will never check out of ‘Hotel Hell’.

'Hotel Hell' TLC HD World Upcoming Tv Series Wiki Plot |Star-Cast |Pics |Timing |Promo |Video
'Hotel Hell' TLC HD World Upcoming Tv Series Wiki Plot |Star-Cast |Pics |Timing |Promo |Video
Determined to give each location a competitive edge, Gordon will help them to survive in the cut-throat hospitality industry, turning these struggling establishments upside down, from the bar staff to the bedrooms, the receptionists to the room service. In an attempt to turn these ‘No’-tels into successful hotels, Ramsay- in his own inimitable style – will go head-to-head with the owners and staff, raising the tension to maximum capacity.

Each episode of the series will showcase Ramsay addressing the problems of upkeep and services to ensure that each guest’s expectations are met. He will endure the hotels at their worst to provide the guests a wonderful experience. While some owners will happily work with Ramsay to improve their hotels, others will retaliate and face the consequences.

Star Cast of 'Hotel Hell' TLC HD World New Series 

  • Gordon Ramsay

Promo of ''Hotel Hell' TLC HD World New Series 

Schedule/Timing of 'Hotel Hell' TLC HD World New Series

  • Serial name :- 'Hotel Hell'
  • Channel Name :- TLC HD World
  • Days       :-  Monday
  • Timings :- 10.00pm
  • Genre :- Travel
  • Original Language:- English
  • Source :- Wiki


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