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'Bhor Bhakti‬' BIG Magic Upcoming Religious Tv Show Wiki Plot,Promo,Timing, Host,Song

BIG MAGIC the flagship national Hindi general entertainment channel from the Reliance Broadcast Network and is positioned as the one stop destination for humor.

The Channel offers a comical line up of hilarious sitcoms, a side splitting historical comedy, laugh out loud weekend specials, festive specials and comedy blockbuster films.

But now they have to launch a religious program to know the true meaning of various Indian customs and traditions which has been titled as ‪ ‎'Bhor Bhakti‬'.


 If you are from hindu religion then you have many question regarding Indian customs and traditions .You are following these tradition but you don't  know the fact behind this. Many of the tradition of hindu religion given below :-

  • Surya Namaskar

  • Henna - Mehndi

  • Namaste

  • Toe rings

  • Tilak

  • Bells in temples

  • Throwing coins in a river

  • Not sleeping with your head pointing north

  •  Piercing ears

  • The plait on the head of males

  •  Fast - Vrat

  • Charan Sparsh

  • Sindoor

  • Idol worship

  • Wear bangles

  •  kada for Man

  • Etc..............................


  • Updated Soon


Update Soon

Schedule |Timing 

  • Tv Show Name :-  ''Bhor Bhakti‬''
  • Channel :- Big Magic
  • Timing :-  Morning
  • Starting Date :- Update Soon
  • Genre :- Religious
  • Days :-  Sunday


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