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'YO-KAI WATCH' on Pogo Tv Show Wiki Plot, Characters, Timing, Promo

Pogo Channel had launched Japanese animated series ‘Yo-Kai Watch’, which is based on a video game featuring the adventures of Keita and Whisper. Launched on 11 January, the show will air from Monday to Friday at 7 pm.


Yo-kai are invisible monsters behind many of the common troubles we face everyday. Make friend with them, though, and you can help solve these ordinary problems! Taking up a ordinary troubles around kids, but it’s full of funny and comedy stories, which men and women of all ages can enjoy this content… That is “YO-KAI WATCH” !!
'YO-KAI WATCH' on Pogo Tv Show Wiki Plot, Characters, Timing, Promo
“YO-KAI WATCH” on Pogo Tv Show Wiki Plot, Characters, Timing, Promo


 Keita Amano

A typical boy who lives sakura new town .After meeting whisper ,he gets the yo-kai Watch ,Which let him see Ya-Kai around the town .


King of beasts who has a fire mane. When he is around ,people get motivated !


A legendary Yo-Kai. He is Jibanyan's ancestor. Used to be a famous  Samurai warrior. He loves dried bonito.

Telecast/Timing Details

  • Show Name :- “YO-KAI WATCH” !! 
  • Channel Name  :- Pogo Channel
  • Days :- Mon-Fri
  •  Launching Date :- 11 January 2016
  • Time :- 07.00pm
  • Genre :- Comedy Series
  • Language:- Hindi


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