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'Mann Mein Hai Vishwas' Season 2 Sony Tv Serial Wiki Plot,Cast,Host,Timing,Promo,Title Song

'Man Mein Hai Vishwas' Season 2 Sony Entertainment Television Upcoming Show

Sony Entertainment Television is coming up with a new alternate fiction show "Mann Mein Hai Vishwas", which will talk about people's beliefs.


In one of the coming episodes, popular television actors like Aniruddh Dave, Vindhya Tiwari, Abha Parmar, Supriya Kumari and Neetu Pandey will be seen.

It will be a Rajasthan based story wherein the makers will focus on a love triangle between a man (Aniruddh) and his two wives (Vindhya and Supriya). Neetu will play the guy’s mother and Abha will don the role of Vindhya’s character’s aunty.
'Mann Mein Hai Vishwas' Season 2 Sony Tv Serial Wiki Plot,Cast,Host,Timing,Promo,Title Song

The family would be seen as ardent worshipers of Sai Baba and will witness some miracles in their life.

The particular episode has been produced by Spice and Gaonwala productions.


  • Mohit Raina


Man Mein Hai Vishwas is one such initiative where documentary of all such true instances were shown. This series aimed at restoring someone's belief in god and his magical powers. The serial is full of God, Mythology, Drama and Faith and captures attention of a large crowd.

The show was based on true experiences of folks across India. Stories of such people were shown who had experienced some reasonably god like power at certain purpose of time in their lives.

Promo/Title Song

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  • Tv Show Name :- 'Mann Mein Hai Vishwas' Season 2
  • Channel :- Sony Entertainment Television
  • Language :- Hindi
  • Genre :-  Drama
  • Day :- Sunday
  • Timing :-   ----
  • Starting Date :- March, 2016


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