'Feriha Season 3' Zindagi Tv Serial Wiki Story,Cast,Song, Promo,Timing,Images

'Feriha Season 3' New Plot Zindagi Tv Upcoming Serial Wiki Full Detail

Zindgai will air the new season of ‘Feriha’ from 16 November at 6 pm. A popular Turkish show, the new season of ‘Feriha’ will air from Monday-Saturday.

The previous season of the show saw the death of Feriha, which left Emir devastated. He has no will to live and he always ends up in dangerous situations hoping to end his life. Will Emir be able to forget his past and move on in life? Will he find someone who will love him as much as Feriha?
'Feriha Season 3' Zindagi Tv Serial Wiki Story,Cast,Song, Promo,Timing,Images
'Feriha Season 3' Zindagi Tv Serial Wiki Story,Cast,Song, Promo,Timing,Images

Feriha is a Turkish television drama series produced by Med Yapım. The series broadcast on Show TV and it is written by duo Melis Civelek and Sırma Yanık.

The show ran for three seasons.

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Plot/Story Wiki

After Feriha dies shot at her wedding, Emir is very much depressed and tries to involve into dangereous situations hoping he can die too. Instead of dying, he becomes a common figure for the policemen.

'Feriha Season 3' Zindagi Tv Serial Wiki Story,Cast,Song, Promo,Timing,Images

Can, a policewoman who deals with many of the cases where Emir is involved, after knowing his story, falls in love with him. But Emir can't see anybody else than his beloved Feriha and he stays like a faithful dog at her grave daily.

Moreover, he doesn't communicate at all with anybody. Since the beginning in the show is introduced another beautiful girl, Zulal, who is a kind of sister with Feriha - she was breastfed by Zehra when she was a baby. Zulal will also fall in love with Emir, mainly because she came in Istanbul, in Riza's house, to replace Feriha.

'Feriha Season 3' Zindagi Tv Serial Wiki Story,Cast,Song, Promo,Timing,ImagesLater, little by little Emir will recover and will fall in love with Gunesh, Yavuz Sancacktar's sister. And Yavuz, at his turn, loves Can, the policewoman (intricate plot, isn't it? :) ) Actually, Feriha was shot by Ece, who was jealous. Ece goes abroad to not be judged and sentenced for murder. Emir doesn't know at first who was the killer of Feriha, but tries to find out.

The TV viewers are shown earlier that Ece killed Feriha. Levent will go back to his life on the yacht but even if in this third season his name is mentioned a lot, the character doesn't appear anymore.

When Emir finds out that Ece shot his wife he goes in the United States to find her and to take revenge. During his seek, Gunesh will be by his side. Emir's life will change and will be different from now on, but he will never forget Feriha. In the end of the third season Ece is caught and judged.

'Feriha Season 3' Zindagi Tv Serial Wiki Story,Cast,Song, Promo,Timing,ImagesCast | Star-Cast of 'Feriha' Upcoming Zindagi Tv Show Wiki

  • Ginseng Karaca as gunesh
  • Vahide Gördüm - Zehra Yılmaz
  • Hazal Kaya - Feriha Yılmaz Sarrafoğlu
  • Metin Çekmez - Rıza Yılmaz
  • Çağatay Ulusoy - Emir Sarrafoğlu
  • Deniz Uğur - Sanem İlhanlı
  • Ceyda Ateş - Hande Gezgin
  • Yusuf Akgün - Koray Onat
  • Melih Selçuk - Mehmet Yılmaz
  • Sedef Şahin - Cansu İlhanlı
  • Ufuk Tan Altunkaya - Halil

Timings/Schedule of  'Feriha' Upcoming Zindagi Tv Show Wiki

  • TV Show Name :-'Feriha New Season'
  • Tv Channel Name  - Zindagi tv
  • Days - Mon-Sat
  • Timings - 06.00pm - 07.00pm
  • Genre :- Drama
  • Original Language:- Turkies
  • Language:- Hindi
  • Starting Date :- 16 November 2016
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