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‘Dubai Diaries’ Season 2 on NDTV GoodTimes Tv Show Wiki Plot,Timing,Host

Lifestyle channel NDTV Good Times is taking viewers to Dubai with the launch of second season of ‘Dubai Diaries’.

The TV series will look to bring to life all that Dubai has to offer to the Indian traveller, ranging from food to fashion, shopping and entertainment, hotels and beaches, couple gateways and family reunions.


The show will showcase the various facets of Dubai right from skydiving and dune bashing to family hangouts and mall tours, food and the best of style and fashion. Adrenaline junkie Neha Dixit will open the show in an episode with adventure sports and activities in Dubai.

Taking a mellower road is actress Tarana Raja who will tour some of Dubai’s most favourite hangouts for food and lifestyle, revealing little local secrets for a great family holiday. TV host Varun Mitra will bring viewers the dauntingly luxurious life of the jet-setting businessmen.
‘Dubai Diaries’ Season 2 on NDTV GoodTimes Tv Show Wiki Plot,Timing,Host
‘Dubai Diaries’ Season 2 on NDTV GoodTimes Tv Show Wiki Plot,Timing,Host
The magnificence of their lifestyle – shopping, golfing, attending high-end business dinners and high-octane luxury cars – will be captured. Varun will also interview successful non-resident Indian businessmen, who will take him on a tour of the city while talking about their journeys.

Known for their on-road food adventures, Rocky and Mayur will take viewers on an alternative food journey in Dubai, and Ambika Anand will keep viewers engaged, entertained with the edgiest fashion from around the world as seen in Dubai.


  • Show :- ‘Dubai Diaries’ Season 2
  • Channel :- NDTV Good Times
  • Date :- 06 October 2016
  • Time :- 08.00pm
  • Day :- Thursday


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