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'Shankar Jai Kishan' Serial on Sab Tv Wiki Plot,Cast,Promo,Timing,Song

Shankar Jai Kishan-3 in 1 Sab Tv new show/Latest News

Shankar Jai Kishan-3 in 1 is an upcoming serial on sab Tv.Actor Kettan Singh will be essaying all the three characters in the show.
Hoga bohot dhamaal jab pata chalega ki police officer aur doctor hai fake, yeh 3 nahi, hai sirf ek! Shankar Jai Kishan 3 In 1 starts 8th August, Mon-Fri, 10pm

Plot/Story Wiki

The show talks about ‘Kishan’, who is living three lives as Shankar, Jai and Kishan.

Kettan the only protagonist in the show will be seen as Kishan, the only child left of the three triplets in an accident. However, Kishan’s widow mother who is a heart patient and handicapped doesn’t know the truth. To keep his mother away from another heart attack, Kishan decide to disguise as Shankar and Jai. Kettan will be donning three different character; a Doctor, a Policeman and a Real estate agent.
'Shankar Jai Kishan' Serial on Sab Tv Wiki Plot,Cast,Promo,Timing,Song
'Shankar Jai Kishan' Serial on Sab Tv Wiki Plot,Cast,Promo,Timing,Song

Kettan said, “I am fervent about Shankar Jai Kishan-3 in 1. As an actor it is a great opportunity to perform three different role in a single show. I can excel as an actor with this show. What makes it more interesting is the storyline how a child struggles to keep his mother happy. It’s an uproarious show with a lot of lies in it. ”


  • Kettan Singh


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Show on Sab Tv Timing.Telecast

  • TV Serial : 'Shankar Jai Kishan-3 in 1'
  • TV Channel : Sab Tv
  • Production House : -------------
  • Start/Launch Date : 8 August 2017
  • Days : Mon-Fri
  • Timing : 10.00pm
  • Repeat Telecast :Update Soon


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