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'Comedy High School­' Show on Discovery JEET Wiki Plot,Cast,Timing,Promo

This is a comedy show, as the name suggests, with the adorable Ram Kapoor playing Principal of the Comedy High School­. He must save the school from imminent closure, by ensuring that the school gets a 100% pass result, a tall order what with several students having failed the seventh standard for twenty straight years!

The theme-based comedy non-fiction has a motley crew of performers goofing around and playing silly, some as the overgrown students, some as staff members, and also a dead trustee-turned-ghost, thrown in for good measure. Celebs visit the school every episode to try to trouble-shoot and solve matters for the Principal. In an admirable coup, the first episode had Salman Khan visiting. That in itself must have notched up quite a few eyeballs for the show.
'Comedy High School­' Show on Discovery JEET Wiki Plot,Cast,Timing,Promo
'Comedy High School­' Show on Discovery JEET Wiki Plot,Cast,Timing,Promo

So, what about the quality of the comedy? Well, in our opinion, the comedy leaves a lot to be desired. What should essentially be the star of the show– the omnipotent script– seems more like an afterthought. If the show has to survive, the makers should rustle up a better scriptwriter, pronto. Or stand to lose eyeballs, coz fickle audiences won’t stick around for long.


  • Ram Kapoor


  • Tv Show Name :-'Rural Myths' 
  • Channel :- Discovery JEET Tv
  • Language :- Hindi
  • Genre :-  Drama
  • Days :- Mon-Fri
  • Timing :-------pm
  • Starting Date :- February 2018


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