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'Crocodile' Web Series on Netflix Plot Wiki,Cast,Timing

Netflix has unveiled a slate of three new Indian original series, across genres and themes. From drama to horror to mystery, these broad and diverse stories, upon completion, will debut exclusively to over 117 million Netflix members in 190 countries.

Plot/Story Wiki

It is a young adult murder mystery thriller series set in the seaside state of Goa. When her best friend goes missing, Mira sets out on her own investigation, uncovering secrets among her friends, romantic relationships and community.The show is written by Binky Mendez.
'Crocodile' Web Series on Netflix Plot Wiki,Cast,Timing
'Crocodile' Web Series on Netflix Plot Wiki,Cast,Timing


Timing/Telecast Detail
  • TV Show Name :-'Crocodile'   
  • Channel Name :- Netflix Channel
  • Watch Online  :- Click here
  • Duration :- -------
  • Episode :- ---
  • Genre :- Mystery


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