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'Skulls and Roses' Web Series on Amazon Prime Plot Wiki,Cast,Watch Online,YouTube

Amazon Prime Video has announced an all-new unscripted Amazon Prime Original series, ‘Skulls and Roses’.Raghu and Rajiv are back with SKULLS & ROSES, a first-of-its- kind format where the worlds of romance and adventure reality shows collide at the most exotic international Island.

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  • Age group:- 18-25
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Plot/Story/Synopsis Wiki

‘Skulls and Roses’, in a unique first-of-its-kind reality show format, combines two key youth hot-buttons: Romance and Adventure. The show blurs the lines between romance and adventure reality shows to take contestants through a truly audacious and daring journey.
'Skulls and Roses' Web Series on Amazon Prime Plot Wiki,Cast,Watch Online,YouTube
'Skulls and Roses' Web Series on Amazon Prime Plot Wiki,Cast,Watch Online,YouTube
Participants are invited to form couples and bonds of love on ‘Rose Island’, which are then tested for their authenticity and fortitude on ‘Skull Island’. The test is to find out which is stronger – the instinct to love or the instinct for self-preservation. The show is an ultimate test of choice – between love, trust, survival and betrayal and it forces participants choose between ‘WE’, and ‘ME’.


  • Raghu Ram

Raghu Ram, Monozygotic said, “In today’s age of dating apps, young couples are finding it increasingly difficult to deal with the problems of a committed relationship. Consequently, more & more youngsters are making ‘stress-free’ life-choices of self-love & self-growth. This generation is increasingly facing a dilemma of ‘we vs me’. Skulls and Roses magnifies both aspects of this dilemma as well as the consequences of their choices. What will you choose if ‘Love’ is the best chance to stay in paradise, but ’Survival’ can only happen alone? I think that is an intriguing concept for us to delve into.”

Rajiv Lakshman
Rajiv Lakshman, Monozygotic, said, “It’s a first-of-its-kind format where the best of two opposite worlds come together on a reality show. With this venture we bring the excitement of reality shows, on-demand, to a personal screen at your home, college or commute. The concept is very intriguing and bold and we are thrilled to be able to breathe life into this project in collaboration with Amazon Prime Video.”

Timing/Telecast Detail

  • TV Show Name :-'Skulls and Roses' 
  • TV Channel Name :- Web Channel Amazon Prime and YouTube
  • Duration :- -------
  • Episode :-8
  • Date :- 2018
  • Genre :- Youth Show


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