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'The Scam' Upcoming Web Series Plot Wiki,Cast,Promo,Youtube

A web series on the 1992 stock market scam masterminded by stockbroker Harshad Mehta has been announced. Applause Entertainment, Sameer Nair, will produce a 10-episode adaptation of Sucheta Dalal and Debashis Basu’s 1993 book The Scam, which detailed how Mehta gamed the financial system by selling worthless bank receipts.

Plot/Synopsis Wiki

The web series will chronicle the story of the broker who “discovers a loophole in the system and achieves overnight success in the stock market”, said a press release. The series will also talk about how Dalal, a Padma Shri-winning journalist, exposed the fraud.

“It is uncanny how the banking system continues to be exploited through systemic loopholes,” Dalal said in a statement about the web series. “It was Harshad Mehta using fake BR (bank receipts) in 1992. Now it is Nirav Modi using fake LoU (Letters of Undertaking). As if nothing has changed.”
'The Scam' Upcoming Web Series Plot Wiki,Cast,Promo,Youtube
'The Scam' Upcoming Web Series Plot Wiki,Cast,Promo,Youtube



Timing/Telecast Detail

  • TV Show Name :- 'The Scam'   
  • TV Channel Name :- Web Channel and YouTube
  • Duration :- -------
  • Episode :- ---
  • Date :-  2018
  • Genre :- Show


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