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'Doctor-X' Japani Tv Show in Hindi on Zee 5 Wiki Plot,Cast,Title Song

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Plot/Story Wiki

The show follows Daimon Michiko, a freelance surgeon who works at university hospitals in Japan.Also known as Doctor-X, Daimon is introduced at new hospitals by walking into surgery staff planning review sessions, where the conditions of her work are established. She is depicted as challenging a medical system in crisis, which follows the laws of the jungle.
'Doctor-X' Japani Tv Show in Hindi on Zee 5 Wiki Plot,Cast,Title Song
'Doctor-X' Japani Tv Show in Hindi on Zee 5 Wiki Plot,Cast,Title Song
Her trademark line is "I never fail", and she is willing to do high risk surgeries that other surgeons are not, sending those patients elsewhere when they are deemed non-operable.Her success in treating high risk patients is a result of always putting the patient first, prioritizing their health above performing medical firsts or innovative techniques. This practice often puts her into conflict with other doctors.Beyond being a surgeon, she also served as a combat surgeon and resort doctor.


  • Ryoko Yonekura as Doctor-X - Daimon Michiko
  • Yuki Uchida as Hiromi Jonouchi
  • Kei Tanaka as Hikaru Morimoto


  • Show Name :- ' Doctor-X'
  • Season :- 1
  • Channel:- Zee 5
  • Genre :- Drama
  • Language :- Urdu


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