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'Liftman' Marathi web Series on Zee 5 Wiki Story,Cast,Title Song

ZEE5, India's largest and most comprehensive digital entertainment platform for language content, has released Liftman, its Marathi situational comedy web series from their Originals collection. With Bhalchandra (Bhau) Kadam of Chala Hawa Yeu Dya fame in the titular role, the series promises a laugh-riot delivered in unique Bhau style.

Plot/Story Wiki

Shot almost entirely in the lift, the series introduces a range of different personalities who encounter Bhau and his quirky sense of humour on their 'journey' up and down. To add to that, can you imagine a situation where the lift breaks down and you are stuck inside with him? With Bhau's comic timing, expect a roaringly hilarious time.
'Liftman' Marathi web Series on Zee 5 Wiki Story,Cast,Title Song
'Liftman' Marathi web Series on Zee 5 Wiki Story,Cast,Title Song

Widely lauded for his coming roles he has played thus far, Bhau Kadam is a hot favourite among those who count humour among their preferred genres. Liftman uses a relatable setting to delve deeper into the psyche of people and showcase how different people react to situations


  • Show Name :-'Liftman' 
  • Launching Date :- July 2018
  • Channel:- Zee 5
  • Genre :- Drama
  • Language :- Marathi


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