Beyonce's Response to Whoopi Goldberg Saying "You Are Beyonce" is Totally Justified — VIDEO

A clip from Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter’s 2010 appearance on The View is currently making the Internet rounds. “GET WITH THE TIMES,” you bellow at your screen. “IT’S 2015.” It is 2015. That is true. You know what else is true? All four seconds of the video are timeless. In the snippet, Whoopi Goldberg says, “You are Beyoncé” to the morning chat show guest seated in the middle of the yellow sectional couch. Beysus nods to communicate that yes, Goldberg’s assertion is true. She is not the Beyoncé impersonator who deals blackjack at The Quad hotel in Las Vegas. She is not a Terminator robot. She is not a hologram. She. Is. Beyoncé. Giselle. Knowles-Carter.

Queen Bey continues to nod. She smiles. And then, she utters two words: “Thank you.”
Beyonce's Response to Whoopi Goldberg Saying "You Are Beyonce" i
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Don’t you chuck a side-eye at Beyoncé thanking Goldberg. ”Thank you” is a justified response. Strike that. It’s the only justified response. Any other reply (e.g., *silence*, ”I know,” “And you are Whoopi,” “Yes, and?”… et cetera) would fall short. Any other reply would be rude. 

According to the baby name meaning database over at All Parenting, “Beyoncé” means “one who is beyond others.” You see, Goldberg doesn’t just say Bey’s name, say Bey’s name. Goldberg calls Bey “one who is beyond others.” If someone told you that you are one who is beyond others and you didn’t thank that person, you’d be a cocky crapbag. Not the behavior of one who is beyond others. 
Beyoncé is not a cocky crapbag. Beyoncé is humble. Beyoncé is gracious. Beyoncé is perfect. Beyoncé is beyond all others. Go ahead and bask in the glow of this display of beyond all othersocity:

Watch the Above Video  "You Are Beyonce"


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