Boost Your GK for NIACL and SBi associate clerk exam 2015 With Our Important Question Set

Boost Your GK with Important Question for NIACL and SBI associate Clerk Exam 2015
(1) UNHRC Full form – United Nations Human Rights Council.

(2) URL full form – Uniform Resource Locator

(3) Which is not Ms office versions(2000,2003,20007,xp)?

(4) One question on Sansad adarsh yojana?

(5) Correct Early names of countrys (Mesopotamia –Philistia)

(6) Mpesa related to – Vodafone

(7) Mpassbook SBI for what – it is an electronic application of a physical passbook for savings bank and current accounts.

(8) Russian film “Leviathan” by Andrey Zvyagintsev won the best film award comprising Golden Peacock.

(9) Overdraft Facility in Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna overdraft facility of - Rs 5000
Boost Your GK for NIACL and SBi associate clerk exam 2015 With Our Important Question Set
Boost Your GK for NIACL and SBi associate clerk exam 2015 With Our Important Question Set

(10) PDA full form – Personal Digital Assistance

(11) Varsitha pension Bima Yojana monitored by – LIC

(12) Short cut key to go to last line in the document – Ctrl+End

(13) Sizes of memory in Ascending order?

(14) Tehri dam located in – Uttrakhand

(15) Dear money can be obtained by increasing what?

(16) Insurance company charges what to offer services to customer?

(17) Who is the grand old man of India - Dada bhai Nairoji

(18) NEFT limit to Nepal – Rs 50,000

(19) CAR stands for – Capital Adequacy Ratio

(20) Shortcut for bold in ms word – ctrl + B

(21) SBI and Mastercard launch – Multi currency Travel card

(22) One question on RuPay card?

(23) Which country does not have pound word in its currency: cyprus n two other countries were given.

(24) Document which contains all the conditions of the insurance is called?

(25) In case of an accident, who pays money? Insurer / insurance agent and insurer / assured

(26) Which combination of books and authors is correct: two options were - The suitable boy - Chetan Bhagat and Midnight Children – Salman Rushdie

(27) Which of the following does not come in the product lifecycle: one option was given which was not from these - growth, decline, maturity, and introduction.

(28) Which of these entities have the maximum shareholding in Union bank of India?

(29) Which of these countries previous name is correct?

(30) Siam- Thailand

(31) Burma- Myanmar

(32) 1 question was on call money

(33) India was selected in which of these UN committees or whatever?? Ans -UNHRC

(34) Which of these is a part of the money market? Ans- Certificate of Deposits

(35) One question on the 4p mix - options had price, place , purpose etc

 Important Questions Part :- 2

 (1) Banking ombudsman under which rule - 2006

(2) FMC - Forward Market Commission
(3) Use of SLR
(4) What we do in Open market operation (OMO)
(5) IFSC full form - Indian Financial System Code
(6) Nanhi Kali scheme from which bank? Bharatiya Mahila Bank
(7) Rang Rasiya is based on life of Raja Ravi Verma
(8) MS Word is - Application software

(9) Who is going to break the all time record of 251 goals in football? - Messi

(10) Brand equity is related to? Marketing

(11) Transaction related stress to customer is known as?

(12) HDFC Head office - Mumbai

(13) GIF Fullform - Graphical Interchange Format

(14) Spreadsheet file format saved as? .xls

(15) Japan PM - Shinzo Abe

(16) Govt scheme for providing food to children - Mid Day Meal

(17) New Life book author - Orhan Pamuk, Guneli Gun

(18) IRDA Headquarters related statement question - Hyderabad

(19) Country - capital which one is correct?

(20) Which of the following is not true for IRDA?

(21) Girl related scheme : SABLA

(22) HTML Full Form - Hypertext Mark Up Language

(23) CPI - Consumer Price Index

(24) In EFT, E denotes - Electronic

(25) 24 Oct - UN Foundation Day

(26) Nobel Prize in Economics - Jean Tirole

(27) President of china - Xi Jin Ping

(28) CAD - in the context of computer - Computer Aided Design

(29) Pt. Ravishankar related to - Sitar

(30) Who won gold in Men's badminton in CWG 2014 - P Kashyap

(31) In Excel, shortcut of Row Hide shortcut - Ctrl + 9

(32) In Excel, the numbers are right aligned

(33) The Theme of Adarsh Gram Yojana -

(34) Minimum Amount in Pension Account - Rs. 1000

(35) Bank rate - 9%

(36) Undo command - Ctrl + Z

(37) What kind of body IRDA is? - Insurance Companies Regulatory Body

(38) Mutual funds comes under which - SEBI

(39) CRM - Customer Relationship Management

(40) Board of governance committee

(41) Inflation related committee

(42) Some marketing questions related to pricing strategy

(43) MAC Full form - Media access control

(44) OMO Related - Government Securities

(45) Which base replaced WPI- CPI

(46) In 2011 census, which state had the lowest Female Literacy? - Haryana