Important Questions for Upcoming Bank and Insurance exam 2015

Important Questions for Upcoming Bank and Insurance exam 2015

1. What is the name of wife of Prime Minister of India? - Gursharan Kaur
2. Who Controls Cobra Post And Tehlka ?
3. Tessy Thomas Is Related With – Project Director for Agni-IV missile in Defence Research and Development Organisation
4. Where Sachin Played His Last One Day – Dhaka
6. Yerewon is Capital of –Armenia
7. The Satanic Verses is written by – Salman Rushdie
8. Bankassurance is done by – Banking channel
9. Full Form of KYC – Know Your Customer
10. Largest tea exports is - Assam and West Bengal
11. Who deals with the complaints of customers – The Banking Ombudsman
12. 9 Digit Code on Cheque-MICR 

Important Questions for Upcoming Bank and Insurance exam 2015
Important Questions for Upcoming Bank and Insurance exam 2015
13. CTS cheques is of which year–CTS 2010
14.Drive to include small people with bank—Financial Inclusion
15.Banking Organisation with the capital of 10 lakh is called -
16.Which of these is a public sector bank?
17.IIFA 2013 best film -Barfi
18.Banks calculate interest on the basis of what time and capital
19.RBI provide loan to banks what it is called – Repo Rate
20.PLR is replaced by – Base Rate
21.Loan cannot be provided below which Rate—Base Rate
22.India won how many medals in Summer London Olympics 2012 – 6
23.Facilty to withdraw money to farmers – Kisan Credit Card
24.The full form of EDC – Electric Data Capture
25.Full Form of BSBDA – Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account
26.If RBI reduces CRR than what happens—Credit Supply increases
27. Opposition leader Narendra Modi, of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), was to lay the foundation stone,of the statue on - Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel‟s birthday

28.Swarozgar Yojana comes under which department – Ministry of Rural Development
29.Martha Dodrey work for—Polio
30.Bankassurance––By Banking channel
31.Swarn Jayanti Rojgar Yojana––GraminVikas Mantralaya
32.Insurance when Bank failure/canceled license—100000/ a/c
33. What is Credit Pulling?
34. Bharat Nirman is _______________plan which was implemented by the Government of India in order to provide some basic amenities to the rural India. – Rural Infrastructure
35. What is meant by Financial inclusion? – Financial inclusion is the delivery of financial services at affordable costs to vast sections of disadvantaged and low income groups (for example “no frill accounts”).
36. NEFT stands for- National Electronic Fund Transfer

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