Top Tips For IBPS Clerk IV 2015 Interview Preparations | IBPS PO/Clerk Interview Preparation

Dear Readers, First of all i am congratulating all of the candidates who have qualified for the IBPS CWE clerk IV witten exam and also they are eligible for common interview.

So all of you now thinking how to start the Preparation of IBPS Clerk interview. So first thing you have to know before facing interview is that What an Interviewer is looking for. We are Sharing some points here so read them carefully.
  • Stable
  • Flexible
  • Knowledgeable
  • Needy
  • Hard Worker
 Explaination of These Points One-by-one

1. Stable and Needy :-Some people don't find  jobs in Bank  interesting. They left their job with in a year. During the first year of employment, bank spends on fresh employee on their training. So during first year, employees are paid for training, What if employees leave his/her job exactly after a year, there will be huge loss to bank. Bank need to repeat the recruitment process and then again train the new employee.
Top Tips For  IBPS Clerk IV 2015 Interview Preparations | IBPS PO/Clerk Interview Preparation
Top Tips For  IBPS Clerk IV 2015 Interview Preparations | IBPS PO/Clerk Interview Preparation
No bank want to repeat recruitment process again and again. So while recruitment, this is the main factor that is considered.

Lets assume that I am the Interviewer, On the D-day you dressed well and I asked you various personal questions and I feel that this person won't do a Bank clerk job for long time. He is wasting my time.

Reject him.

If you were also rejected in the interview although all your answers were correct. Reason behind your failure was - Interviewer felt that you actually don't need the job.

Seriousness is more important than Knowledge here.

A Stable and Needy person is always Hard-working, it's a Fact!!

2. Knowledge

Yes you heard it right. This is the least important thing, that's why many candidates are rejected om the basis of personal questions. It's a Clerk interview, not much adanced knowldge is expected from you. They want you to work hard and that too for a long time.
Basic questions about banking will be asked. There is list of 100-120 concepts that are repeated in every banking interview. 

If you are a engineering background candidates then get ready for Banking questions because nobody is going to ask you questions about engineering. Although during Specialist Officers interview questions related to core subjects are asked, but questions asked here are really basic.


Let's make it short. Whenever an interviewer ask you for whether you will join if you get a posting out of your state ?

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