SSC Adda Smart Strategy For SSC CGL Tier- II

Quantitative Aptitude

Tier II exam is also an objective type exam. It comprises of 2 papers:

  • 1 paper of Quantitative Aptitude for 200 marks
  • 1 paper of English Comprehension for 200 marks
  • Total 400 marks. 

A 3rd paper of statistics is also conducted on the next day, if you choose for statistical investigator or compiler jobs.

Each paper will be of 2 hours with a 2 hours gap - prepare yourself to beat the heat in this time. You must not get exhausted.
Tier 2 level will need even higher level of speed in maths than you showed in tier-I
You MUST be able to identify the questions that you should not touch at all, since you take longer time for those. Pick those first in which you hold the command.
SSC Adda Smart Strategy For SSC CGL Tier- II
SSC Adda Smart Strategy For SSC CGL Tier- II
  • Number of questions - 100
  • Time allotted - 120 minutes
  • Total marks – 200

English Language and Comprehension

  • Number of questions - 200
  • Time allotted - 120 minutes
  • Total marks - 200
How to Prepare Math for SSC CGL Tier 2:
These 4 topics cover more than 50% of the questions. 
  • Trigonometry 
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Mensuration
This analysis is based on past 3 years' papers.

Click here In Tier 2 these four chapters contribute more than  50%. So nobody can take risk to take these chapters lightly.

Note 1: Every body can solve all the questions but everybody cannot learn so cannot solve in stipulated time period. That will make the difference. Here learning is the key which ultimately means on your finger tips.

Note 2: SSC will ask only from these 50-60 type which you are expert in if you learn them.
Note 3: The most important thing in your preparation is practice! Strengthen your strong areas as much as you can. Expand your areas so much that you are comfortably able to attempt at least 75% of questions. Then increase your speed so that you can easily do upto 50-60% of questions with good enough accuracy. Try to not do just one kind of questions in the entire day.
English Language and Comprehension

Questions' Pattern - The breakup of questions is like this:

  • Vocabulary based - 20%
  • Grammer based - 45%
  • Comprehension and sentences arrangement - 35%
Scoring in the English paper is easier as compared to the maths paper as it is less time consuming. But to develop a good grasp over English one needs time and patience.
Many candidates feel that a good vocabulary is needed to clear the exam and cram a lot of words which they see in newspapers. They do not learn the right usage of the word.This is not the right approach.
SSC does not ask for very high flowing words but you must be sure of the usage of the word and how it is used in sentences.
For example the word "tantrum". Students just cram the meaning of the word which is a display of bad temper. But they also need to know two more things. Firstly it is generally used with reference to ‘children’ and secondly the verb that is used with it is ‘throw'.

SSC Exam questions are like:

Q. Did the child ——– from the chair ?
a) fell                                                     
b)  fallen
c) falling                                               
d) fall

What to do to develop vocabulary?
  • If a student is a bit more aware about the usage of the word in sentences along with its meaning it is helpful.
  • For beginners one must try to learn a few new  words everyday along with their usage.
  • Read a few sentences from the dictionary or online to understand the usage of the word.The more variety you read the better it is.
  • One must begin with at least 10 new words per day in the beginning which can be gradually increased depending on availability of time and grasping power.
Next most important section is comprehension passages and there are 30 to 40 questions from comprehension  passages. This section is simple and direct questions are asked from the passages. Sometimes it becomes time consuming when the sentences in the passage are too long or one sentence has too much information stuffed into it.
  Source :- SScADDa
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