Bankersadda Current Affairs Questions and Answers - May 20, 2015

Q1. How many new cold chains have been sanctioned for setting up in the country with a total investment of over Rs. 700 Crore?

A. 10

B. 20

C. 30

D. 40


Q2. Name the country that will host the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Travel Mart 2015 in Sep 2015?

A. France

B. Singapore

C. Japan

D. India

ANSWER: D. India

Q3. On which day the President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee will inaugurate the 50th Anniversary of India’s first historic climb of Mt. Everest in 1965?

A. 20th May 2015

B. 19th May 2015

C. 1st June 2015

D. 5th June 2015

ANSWER: A. 20th May 2015

Q4. National Day of the Republic of Cameroon is being observed on ______.

A. 19th May 2015 

B. 20th May 2015

C. 21st May 2015

D. 22nd May 2015

ANSWER: B. 20th May 2015

Bankersadda Current Affairs Questions and Answers - May 20, 2015
Bankersadda Current Affairs Questions and Answers - May 20, 2015

Q5. The ‘Kavaratti’ ship has been launched on 19th May’15 at a glittering ceremony held at Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd (GRSE), Kolkata. It is the _______ Ship of Project-28?

A. First 

B. Second

C. Fourth 

D. Last

ANSWER: C. Fourth

Q6. Which state will host the Paragliding World Cup from 23rd Oct to 31st Oct’ 2015? 

A. Odisha

B. Meghalaya

C. West Bengal

D. Himachal Pradesh

ANSWER: D. Himachal Pradesh

Q7. Name the department under the Union Ministry of Earth Sciences on 18th May’15 that signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Power System Operation Corporation Ltd (POSOCO) for optimum use of weather information/forecast in the power sector?

A. National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting 

B. India Meteorological Department

C. Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology

D. Earth Risk Evaluation Centre

ANSWER: B. India Meteorological Department

Q8. As announced by the Climate Group on 18thMay’15, which company became the first Indian Company to Join RE100 Renewable Energy Campaign?


B. Infosys

C. Wills Lifestyle

D. L & T

ANSWER: B. Infosys

Q9. Which company has announced to become carbon neutral by 2018?

A. TATA Motors

B. Capegemini

C. Infosys


ANSWER: C. Infosys

Q10. In which state new Catfish species ‘Glyptothorax Senapatiensis’ discovered in the year 2015? 

A. Maharashtra

B. Manipur

C. Assam

D. Kerala

ANSWER: B. Manipur

Q11. From which day the higher service tax of 14% which was proposed in the budget speech 2015 will be effective ______.

A. 31st May 2015

B. 30th June 2015

C. 30th May 2015

D. 1st June 2015

ANSWER: D. 1st June 2015

Q12. Who has been appointed as the Controller General of Accounts in the Ministry of Finance in May 2015?

A. M J Joseph

B. Jawahar Thakur 

C. Rachna Sirkar

D. None of these

ANSWER: A. M J Joseph.

Q13. With which Chinese company, Reliance Jio Infocomm has signed a pact for sourcing various 4G devices?

A. Fujitsu

B. Huwaei

C. Indus Towers

D. Mitsubishi

ANSWER: B. Huwaei

Q14. Name the Australian Wicketkeeper who announced his retirement from One Day International Cricket just a day before leaving for tour of West Indies and England?

A. Steve Smith

B. Adam Gilchrist

C. Brad Haddin

D. Mark Hughes

ANSWER: C. Brad Haddin

Q15. Who led the ICC committee that recommended staging of Test Matches extending into the evening hours and also deliberated on the concept of four-day Test match, but in the end, decided to stick to the usual five-day format?

A. Jagmohan Dalmiya

B. Saurav Ganguly

C. S Srinivasan

D. Anil Kumble

ANSWER: D. Anil Kumble
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