'Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat' Zindagi Tv Upcoming Show Wiki Story |Cast |Title Song |Promo |Timing

'Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat' Zindagi Tv Upcoming Show Wiki Story |Cast |Title Song |Promo |Timing

Zindagi Tv Indian Premium Tv Channel is releasing new comedy shows in the Month of October,2015 . Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat is an Upcoming Tv serial which is going to be start from 7 October, 2015.

Dolly ki Ayegi Baraat is a Pakistani comedy-drama and the sequel of hit drama Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat. 

This Upcoming Tv Show Story  was written by Bushra Ansari and Vasay Chaudry and this show is directed by Marina Khan . The show is Produced by Nadeem Baig .The show includes most of the characters from Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat, and focuses on the story of Azar's cousin Dolly and Sila's friend Nabeel.

Story of 'Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat' Zindagi Tv Upcoming Show Wiki

Dolly ki Ayegi Baraat is set in Faisalabad and Karachi, focusing on Dolly, Azar's cousin and Nabeel, Sila's friend. This is the sequel to Azar ki ayegi baraat. At the end of Azar ki Ayegi Baraat, Nabeel and Dolly are shown as a dating couple. However in this drama, Dolly is being married to her maternal aunt's son, Mushtaq known as Taka and Nabeel is being married to a girl named Saima who he has never met before.

Both of them show indirect reluctance to their weddings but don't object. However, in their hearts, Dolly and Nabeel are set for one another and love each other a lot. In the beginning Nabeel is not shown since he wants to forget Dolly as told afterwards and this would only be possible if he stops meeting Sila. However, in the 4th episode Nabeel and Dolly meet in a mall by mistake in Karachi where Dolly has come for her mom's fashion week. There Sila and her friend Laila also meet him and then their friendship continues.

During this time Nabeel and Dolly realize that they still love each other but they don't show it and always end up fighting. Then Dolly has to go back to Faisalabad as her wedding is now taking place a month before it actually should. Then during his nikkah, Nabeel rejects the wedding and goes off to Faisalabad to convince Dolly to marry him. She tells him that she still loves him but now it's too late. In the end Dolly's mom realizes that Dolly is just marrying Mushtaq for her sake so she marries her off to Nabeel.

Everyone is happy since even Mushtaq loved Sila's friend Sukaina, frequently known as Sukki. In the background of the drama, Dolly's mom Saima Choudhry is trying to hook her son Vicky, who is separated, with Sila's friend Laila even though both are unwilling. Choudhry Sahab, Saima's husband marries off to a Faisalabadi actress Malika Rani over which Saima Choudhry is very upset and makes a big fuss.

'Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat' Zindagi Tv Upcoming Show Wiki Story |Cast |Title Song |Promo |Timing
'Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat' Zindagi Tv Upcoming Show Wiki Story |Cast |Title Song |Promo |Timing
Azar and Sila are also facing problems in their marriage because Sila thinks Azar has an affair with his boss which actually is untrue. Sila is pregnant and so is her mom Rabbiya which creates a long term fight between both mom and daughter. Sukki is also facing problems with her fiance over her weight and her fiance is rude and strict.

In the middle when Rabbiya decides to get an abortion there is a very short fight between her and Faraz, her husband. In the end, everything is resolved and the ending is happy.

Cast | Star-Cast of 'Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat' Zindagi Tv Upcoming Show Wiki

  • Bushra Ansari as Saima Chaudry
  • Samina Ahmad as Mehr Un Nisa bhanji(Nani)
  • Saba Hameed as Rabia ahmad
  • Natasha Ali as Dolly memon
  • Raheel Butt as Nabeel memon
  • Sana Askari as Laila chaudhery
  • Javed Sheikh as Faraz ahmad
  • Shehryar Zaidi as Waqas Chaudry

Title Song|Promo of  'Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat' Zindagi Tv Upcoming Show Wiki

Promo of the Show 'Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat'  is not available now .
Update Soon

Timings/Schedule of 'Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat' Zindagi Tv Upcoming Show Wiki

  • TV Show Name -'Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat'
  • Tv Channel Name  - Zindagi tv
  • Launch Date -  07 October 2015
  • Days - Mon-Sat
  • Timings - 07.00pm
  • Genre - Comedy
  • Language - Hindi
  • Produced By - An Evernew productions 
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