4 December 2015 Current Affair Updates |Vocabulary |Daily GK Download

 1. India’s Thakur Anoop Singh won Mr World Bodybuilding title-2015 in the 7th WBPF World Bodybuilding and Physique Championships held in Bangkok, Thailand. He won gold medal in the fitness physique category. Overall, India won 11 medals in the championships that saw participation from 47 nations.

2. Senior Janata Dal (United) leader Vijay Kumar Chaudhary was unanimously elected new Speaker of the 16th Bihar Legislative Assembly.

3. Four European countries - Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland - announced a new $500 million initiative that will find new ways to create incentives aimed at large scale cuts in greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries to combat climate change. The World Bank Group worked with the countries to develop the 'Transformative Carbon Asset Facility' initiative.
4 December 2015 Current Affair Updates |Vocabulary |Daily GK Download
4 December 2015 Current Affair Updates |Vocabulary |Daily GK Download

4. Senior public health specialist Henk Bekedam has taken charge as the World Health Organisation (WHO) representative to India. Henk Bekedam is a Dutch national and a medical doctor by training.

5. Bihar has emerged as the fastest growing state in terms of Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP), clocking a growth rate of 17.06 per cent in FY 2014-15, while Maharashtra grew by 11.69 per cent to become the biggest state with Rs. 16.87 trillion economy. Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh come in the second place, but far behind Maharashtra, with a GSDP of Rs 9.67 trillion each, according to the report by Brickwork Ratings.

6. Tata Group announced signing up an alliance with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd (ICBC) to provide it with a host of banking services. Under the alliance, ICBC will provide the Tata group with financing products, global cash management, consulting, international trade finance business, investment banking, foreign exchange, derivatives trading, and other global financial services. The services will be provided to Tata Group in locations including India, China, the United States and Europe.

7. The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved signing and ratification of Protocol between India and Japan for amending the Double Taxation Avoidance Convention (DTAC) in order to facilitate tax-related exchange of information. DTAC was signed between the two countries in 1989 for avoidance of double taxation and prevention of fiscal evasion through a protocol.

8. Four persons of Indian origin are featured in 'Foreign Policy' magazine's list of 100 Leading Global Thinkers who have generated ideas that could promise humankind a better future. These four thinkers are Nina Tandon, Rajan Anandan, Ayesha Khanna and Zainab Ghadiyali.

9. Pulin Kumar, senior legal and compliance director of Adidas India group , has been conferred with the Indian National Bar Association's ‘General Counsel of the year 2015 - Retail Award’. Kumar received the award for his contribution to the legal field in and outside the country for more than 21 years.

10. Former US National Security Adviser Sandy Berger passed away. He was 70 years old. He served as National Security Adviser during the tenure of former US President Bill Clinton


1. REVUE (NOUN): bawdy show; vaudeville
Synonyms: farce, spoof 

Antonyms: tragedy, solemnity
Example Sentence:
If it is a revue, I have all of the skits and numbers with me.

2. ABSTEMIOUS (ADJECTIVE): restraining behavior or appetite
Synonyms: austere, continent Antonyms: greedy, hungry
Example Sentence:
My father was an abstemious man, and although invited to stop and liquor, declined doing so.
3. SYBARITE (NOUN): hedonist
Synonyms: epicure, sensualist Antonyms: puritan, strict
Example Sentence: 
The Sybarite seemed unnecessarily large for a pleasure boat.
4. AU REVOIR (NOUN): goodbye
Synonyms: adios, bye-bye Antonyms: hello, welcome
Example Sentence:
If you will excuse us, therefore, we will bid you au revoir and go forthwith.
5. AWE (NOUN): amazement
Synonyms: admiration, astonishment Antonyms: disregard, expectation
Example Sentence:
He stopped and listened a moment in awe at the strange effects.
6. ARSON (NOUN): intentional burning
Synonyms: torching, firing Antonyms: obedience, conformity

Example Sentence:
Well, I may tell you that I have a warrant to arrest him on a charge of arson.

7. ARRANT (ADJECTIVE): flagrant
Synonyms: blatant, glaring Antonyms: meek, obscure
Example Sentence:
To doubt what they believed could only be ascribed to arrant folly or to wickedness.
8. STRAPPING (ADJECTIVE): big and strong
Synonyms: hulking, sturdy Antonyms: skinny, thin 
Example Sentence:
He is a strapping 20-year-old with dark intense eyes but flashed a friendly smile.
9. CHINOOK (NOUN): violent storm
Synonyms: tornado, windstorm Antonyms: harmony, in order
Example Sentence:
The chinook was hundreds of miles wide and it was whipping up winds as high as 100 mph.
10. GAWK (VERB): stare at in amazement
Synonyms: glare, ogle Antonyms: overlook, ignore

Example Sentence:
She gave him the letter, and a fee that made him gawk, and was gone.
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