Hazal Kaya 'Feriha' Biography |Career |Relationship |Model |Pics |Awards

Born and brought up in Gaziantep, Turkey, Hazal Kaya, the gorgeous beauty started her acting career with television series ‘Genco’ long back in 2006.

After this, there was no looking back for Kaya and she soon became one of the highest paid actresses of Turkey.

Hazal attended Gaziosmanpaşa elementary school and she graduated in 2010 from Italian High School (İtalyan Lisesi) of Istanbul, after which she joined Istanbul Bilgi University.

Hazal Kaya 'Feriha' Biography |Career |Relationship |Model |Pics |Awards
Hazal Kaya 'Feriha' Biography |Career |Relationship |Model |Pics |Awards
She is currently pursuing her studies in Istanbul. Hazal, whose age 26, is a trained violinist, and was introduced to ballet when she was a child.

In addition to her native language Turkish, Hazal can speak Italian and English fluently and is currently learning German.

Kaya started her acting career with TV series Genco. In 2008, Kaya played Nihal Ziyagil in a modern day adaptation of Aşk-ıMemnu.

Kaya also features in the lead role of Zindagi’s ongoing series ‘Feriha’ as Feriha Yılmaz. In Feriha, Kaya plays the role of a janitor’s daughter, who falls in love with the most popular and rich student of her university.

Hazal Kaya 'Feriha' Biography |Career |Relationship |Model |Pics |Awards
Hazal Kaya 'Feriha' Biography |Career |Relationship |Model |Pics |Awards

Hazal Kaya  'Feriha' Biography

  • Name                       :- Hazal Kaya
  • D.O.B                      :- October 1, 1990
  • Birth Place             :- Gaziantep, Turkey
  • Parents                   :- Both lawyers (Divorced)
  • Language Known :- Italian , English , German , Turkish
  • Graduated              :- Italian High School (2010)
  • Shows                    :-  Feriha , Genco , Sıla , Maral and Many more

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