'Shaun The Sheep‬' Nick India Tv Show Plot |Timing |Charactors |Pics |Game

Shaun the sheep exhibits human intelligence, creativity, and behaviour in a farm setting, which usually provides a situational comedy conflict which Shaun must resolve before the end of each episode
Shaun The Sheep‬ Movie has been also nominated for Best Animated Feature Film at the 2016 Golden Globes!
'Shaun The Sheep‬' Nick India Tv Show Plot |Timing |Charactors |Pics |Game
'Shaun The Sheep‬' Nick India Tv Show Plot |Timing |Charactors |Pics |Game

Charactors in 'Shaun The Sheep‬'


Shaun is the leader of the flock. He's clever, cool and always keeps his head, when the other sheep are losing theirs!


Shirley is an eating machine! She's so big that she often gets stuck and needs the other sheep to push, pull or even sling-shot her out of trouble!


The farmer's faithful dog and a good friend to Shaun, Bitzer's the ever suffering sheep dog, doing his best to keep Shaun's pals out of trouble!

The farmer

Running the farm with Bitzer at his side, the Farmer is complelety oblivious to the human-like intelligence of his flock... or their stupidity!


He may be the baby of the flock, but Timmy is often at the centre of things! It's a good job his mum is always there to keep him safe.

The Flock

One big happy (if slightly dopey) family, the sheep like to play and create mischief together, though it's usually Shaun and Bitzer who sort out the resulting mess!

The pigs

These 3 porky pests are always trying to antagonise the Sheep and get them into trouble. Thank goodness Bitzer is around!

Telecast Details of 'Shaun The Sheep‬' Cartoon Network

  • Show Name :- 'Shaun The Sheep‬'  
  • Channel Name  :- Nick India
  • Days :- Mon - Fri 9:30 pm  , Sat-Sun 7:30 am
  • Genre :- Animated Comedy Series
  • Language:- Hindi