'Shiva‬' Nickelodeon India Tv Show Wiki Plot |Timing |Charactors |Pics |Game

The story revolves around a 9 year old boy Shiva who is a regular school going fun loving kid who enjoys being with his friends.

The story sees a twist in mood with the introduction of conflict due to danger from villains, and Shiva with the help of his Super Gadget cycle, fighting skills and his intelligence will help save the town and people in danger.

'Shiva‬' Nickelodeon India Tv Show Wiki Plot |Timing |Charactors |Pics |Game
'Shiva‬' Nickelodeon India Tv Show Wiki Plot |Timing |Charactors |Pics |Game
Whenever there’s trouble you can bet on Shiva to come to the rescue always fighting crime and saving people using his amazing gadgets.

Charactors in 'Shiva‬'


Powerful, energetic, and always moral, this 9 year old boy is an ideal character. He is dynamic, decisive and helpful. He never cheats and always helps people. He is always cool and calm in a crisis. When he makes a promise, he will always keep it. He also has very good organizing skills and is a born leader. He has a very strong sense of justice and fairness. He is willing to take risks for this purpose.

Aditya a.k.a 'adi'

Quick, impulsive, outspoken and sociable, Adi is thin and Shiva’s best friend.
His outspoken nature gets Shiva and his friends in trouble. Sometime, he can be very rash and imprudent. He has a very good sense of humor and speaks very fluidly. He has a tendency to invite trouble. Physically, he is frail and Shiva always has to step in and involuntarily fight his battles.


Creative, logical and fun, she is the brain of the group. She is very petite and good looking in a traditional way, but she is very confident in her ideas and vision. She is also the planner of the group. In case of any difficult situation, she will give most of the ideas to tackle the situation to Shiva. Shiva has a weak spot for her and is very protective about her. She is also very nurturing and helpful to all her friends. Sometimes, she is
impulsive in a positive way.

Uday a.k.a 'Udi'

Least strategic in the group, Udi is heavily built and the second comic relief in the group. He is a coward despite his imposing size. He has a very shrill and immature voice despite his imposing size. What he lacks in bravado, he makes up with his optimism and positivity. But he is slow and has a tendency to get lost in the details of a project or
operation inviting trouble for the group.

ladoo singh

Ladoo Singh is the inspector of Vedas City. He is funny, over confident and lives in his happy bubble, believing that no crime can ever occur in the city under his watchful protection. Whenever the people of the city are exposed to any kind of threat, he banks on Shiva to solve the problems and takes credit for it all in the end. His character is that of a fun filled, silly and helpful one.

Peda Ram

Peda Ram is Ladoo Singh’s faithful comrade. He is often seen taking orders from Shiva and helping Ladoo Singh. He is Ladoo Singh’s right hand man and seen helping in execution of Shiva’s plans to beat the evil forces in town.

Telecast Details of 'Shiva‬' Cartoon Network

  • Show Name :- 'Shiva‬'  
  • Channel Name  :- Nick India
  • Days :- Mon - Fri 
  • Time :- 06.30pm
  • Genre :- Animated Comedy Series
  • Language:- Hindi
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