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Naagin Colors Tv show is became Highest TRP show of colors tv channel. This show is getting huge success between tv viewers. The show was launched on 2nd Nov. 2015 .

 The series is produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor under their banner Balaji Telefilms. The show which quickly gained popularity stars Mouni Roy, Arjun Bijlani and Adaa Khan in lead roles. Sudha Chandran also plays a pivotal role.

Story Of Naagin Colors Tv Show

Naagin is a fiction based tv show. The story is about two Ichchhadhari Naagin named Shivanya and Sesha. Shivanya wants to take revenge for her parents' killings by Ankush, Viren , Tanvi's dad and soori.She enters Ankush's family as a maid. Sesha tries to kill Ankush but fails. Yamini here sees Sesha transforming into a snake and calls a snake charmer (Sapera) to expose her. Sesha became a snake and escapes from the house.

Ritik (Ankush's son) is engaged to Tanvi whom he doesn't love. She loves him as they were childhood friends. Yamini (Ritik's mom) tries to get her son married before he turns 25 years old as after that he is destined to die by a naagin bite if he doesn't get married. This is because of a curse in his Kundli (Markesh Dosh) caused by his dad's killing two Naag(ins) on the night of Shivratri. Ritik and Shivanya fall in love. Tanvi knows about Ritik's love for Shivanya but she is still determined to marry Ritik.

It is later revealed that Tanvi does not love Ritik but wants to marry him due to his wealth and looks. Viren tortures Shivanya. Shivanya changes into a naagin and bites him. Viren is in a coma on Ritik and Tanvi's wedding day. Yamini determines to do the marriage against any obstacles. Shivanya transforms in to Yamini's clone and changes Tanvi's mind against marrying Rithik. Shivanya became the bride. As Shivanya was going to the mandap she notices the full moon and realises that it is the day of Poornamasi, in which Naags/Naagins change into their snake form. Shivaniya remembers that the Sapera told her to stay out of the moonlight or else she will turn into her Naagin swaroop. Shivaniyas eyes turn red and she starts to become scaley. After the Marriage Shivaniya goes to the Shiv Mandir and does a pooja and dances with a competition with Sesha.
Download Naagin Colors Tv Show  Mp3 Songs For Free
Download Naagin Colors Tv Show  Mp3 Songs For Free
Rithik spends some romantic moments with Shivaniya during Bollywood Theme Party Dance.Amrita perform a dance as a snake and the sound makes Shivanya change her snake skin. She goes upstairs near the Shivling idol to change her snake skin which is later found by the maid finds who gives it to the priest. The preist was about to burn it when, suddenly a hurricane like situation is seen and because of dust, everyone close their eyes. As they open their eyes the snake skin is missing, as it flew away with the wind (it is shown as that the hurricane was a miracle of god Shiva to save Shivanya). They go to Guru Maa who gives them 4 rings to protect them. Guru Maa orders her eagle to bring that naagin (Shivanya) at any cost who starts to chase Shivanya, but she manages to escape.

Then enters, Suri- Ankush's old friend. The Snake Charmer [Good one] tells that one of the two unseen killer had 6 fingers. Amrita tells Shivanya that Suri has 6 fingers. Sesha had a conversation with Shivanya in phone in which Shivanya says about Suri and that "I will do everything to complete my Revenge" which is overheard by Tanvi, Hrithik's ex-fiancée. Shivanya confirms that Suri has 6 fingers but Shivanya wants to confirm that Suri is one of the killer as, there are many people who have six fingers. Sesha takes Ankush Raheja's form and calls Suri to tell him to come to his home. On the way Sesha transforms herself into a beautiful woman, Suri sees her and tries to flirt with her, when the eagle sent by Guru Maa appears again and tries to attack Sesha. Sesha then transforms into a snake and badly injures the eagle, Suri sees her and runs away to Ankush's house. Suri is then revealed to be one of them. Meanwhile Tanvi makes a visit to Shivanya's house to find about her. She finds a picture of Shivanya in front of the house. Shivanya goes to gym where Suri is there. She is about to but bite him when he shows the ring and it prevents her to bite. She goes home and Rithik sees her. Rithik sarcastically questions her being a naagin, which shocks her.

Afterwards, Shivanya and Sesha plans to create a rift between Suri and Shailesh. A plan which is executed successfully. At Shiv Mandir, they both starts fighting meanwhile Shivanya leaves for temple but Ritik also follows her. At the temple, Shivanya and Sesha attacks Suri, Shivanya hits him with Trishul and at the end both of them bites Suri and he dies.Ankush and Yamimi comes to know about Suri's death and decide to meet Guruma. Guruma tells that they have only one way which would save them that is MahaKaali Yagya. Yamini orders all the family members to attend that yagya. Sesha gives poison to Ritik so that Shivanya wouldn't go to yagya. Shivanya doesn't like this and saves Ritik. All the family members leave for yagya except Shivanya and Ritik. They perform the yagya and kali mata arrives and starts killing all the shape shifting snakes(ichadari naagin). But shivanya convinces kali mata that she is not doing anything wrong and she will stop killing after she avenges her parents death. Finally shivanya succeeds in convincing kaali maa and requests her to revive her whole snake clan. Kaali maa revives all the shape shifting snakes(ichhadhari naags and naagins) including Sesha. As shivanya succeeds in convincing kaali maa so the yagya fails and Guru maa gets to know that the yagya failed as her own hawk attacks her. The raheja family are afraid by it and they return to their house.

At home shivanya overhears shailesh and ankush talking about a big secret hidden in the old haveli(devri) of theirs. Shivanya decides to investigate the secret of the devri and decides to go to the haveli. At night Rithik has a dream that he is a king and someone stabs him in the back with a dagger. He gets up and shivanys hugs him and consoles him. Next day shivanya smartly asks Rithik to arrange their honeymoon to the haveli and rithik agrees happily. Rithik shares his wish to go to vacation with shivanya to the haveli and it shocks Yamini(his mother) and she restrains him from going to the haveli but shivanya comes there and says that the hotel in which they are going to spend vacations in is known as haveli. Yamini gets relaxed and permits them to go. Meanwhile Sesha with the help of bhairavnath(the good snake charmer who is on shivanya and sesha's side) decides to kill Guru maa as she is creating obstacles in their path. Bhairavnath gives her a bag and says that with it she can enter guru maa's cave for thirty minutes and kill her.

Guru maa arranges a saint fair in which many people come. Sesha enters as sanint to kill her. As time for sacrifice to please kaali maa comes sesha turns into a naagin and bites guru maa. Guru maa turns blue and falls on the ground dead. On the other hand Shivanya and rithik reach the haveli and rithik decorates his room for their honeymoon while shivanya gets devdi's keys to know the secret that Ankush and shailesh are hiding. Shivanya comes to know that there is one more room in that devri where a man is there, Shivanya runs to tell this to Ritik, both of them returns to devri but there is no one as Ankush and Shailesh removed him from there. On the other hand, Sesha is unable to leave the cave after killing gurumaa. Gurumaa wakes up and captures Sesha and informs Ankush that the naagin is in her captivity.
Story Source :- wikipedia

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