Vicky and Vetaal-2015 New Show on Disnep Channel Story Wiki,Charactor,Promo,Timimg

Vicky and Vetaal 2015-16 New Show on Disnep Channel

10 year old Vicky Sharma’s life goes into a complete spin and turns topsy turvy when his parents, sister and grandma move into a new house that already has residents in the form of Vetaal, a duffer ghost who becomes his dost and eccentric ‘Spell Book’ Paddu.

Vicky and Vetaal-2015 New Show on Disnep Channel India Story Wiki,Charactor,Promo,Timimg
Vicky and Vetaal-2015 New Show on Disney India Story Wiki,Charactor,Promo,Timimg
Only Vicky and his grandma are able to see them! What follows is a chaotic world of friendship, adventures and magical mishaps!

Charactors in 'Vicky and Vetaal-2015'

  • Vicky Sharma
  • Vetaal - A duffer ghost
  • ‘Spell Book’ Paddu
  • Vicky Sharma’s Parents

Telecast Details of Vicky and Vetaal-2015

  • Show Name :- 'Vicky and Vetaal-2015-16'  
  • Channel Name  :- Disnep channel
  • Days :- Sunday
  • Time :- 01.00pm
  • Genre :- Comedy Series
  • Language:- Hindi

About Last Season

The main characters of the series are Vicky (Dev Kantawala), a brave and intelligent sixth standard boy and Vetaal (Vishal Malhotra), a friendly but foolish ghost whom only Vicky can see.

Vicky saved Vetaal accidentally after Vetaal had been hanging from a tree in a graveyard for 300 years and since then their fate has been tied together (much to their dismay) and they have to go along together everywhere followed by "Paddu", Vetaal’s living book of magic. The episodes mostly revolves around mishaps in Vicky’s life and Vetaals brave but foolish attempts to save the day often leading to additional troubles for Vicky.

The series is primarily a comedy series with stand-alone episodes.This is one of the top favourites among kids that’s being hosted by Disney channel.
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