Download Union Budget 2016-2017 Capsule,Highlight, PDF,E-Book,Updates

The general budget speech is going on in Loksabha and our Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley is presenting the budget for the financial year 2016-2017. We are providing you the Budget Live Feeds and it will help you learn the schemes and the changes launched by the union government.

Below are the key points:
Download Union Budget 2016-2017 Capsule,Highlight, PDF,E-Book,Updates
Download Union Budget 2016-2017 Capsule,Highlight, PDF,E-Book,Updates

  • Start-ups to get 100 per cent tax exemption for 3 years except minimum alternate tax which will apply from April 2016-2019 for creation of jobs.
  • No change in income tax slabs.
  • Jewellery prices to go up.
  • First home buyers to get additional deduction of Rs 50,000 on interest for loan upto Rs 35 Lakh. Cost of house should not be more than Rs 50 Lakh.
  • Clean energy cess increased from Rs 200/ton to 400/ton on coal, lignite and peat.
  • Excise duty on tobacco products increased by 10-15 per cent.
  • Surcharge on income tax for incomes exceeding Rs.1 crore per annum raised from 12 percent to 15 percent.
  • Corporate income tax: Incentives for new manufacturing companies and relatively small enterprise companies.
  • SUVs, luxury cars to be more expensive.
  • Service tax exempted for general insurance schemes under Niramayi Swasthya Bima Yojana.
  • 1 per cent infrastructure cess on small cars.
  • Government to increase ATMs, micro-ATMs in post offices in next 3 years.
  • Rs 25,000 crore to be allocated for re-capitalisation of Public Sector Banks.
  • Deduction limit on rent raised to Rs 60,000
  • Rs 3000 tax relief for small tax payers.
  • Ceiling of rebate for tax payers with Rs 500,000  annual income to be raised to Rs 5000 from Rs 2000 currently under Section 88G.
  • RBI Act to be amended to give statutory backing for monetary policy.
  • 100 per cent FDI in marketing of food products made in India.
  • Fiscal deficit for 2016-17 targeted at 3.5 percent.
  • Prudence lies in adhering to fiscal targets.
  • Total allocation of road and rail in 2016-17 is Rs 2.18lakh crore.
  • Stand Up India scheme allocated Rs.500 crore for SCs, STs women entrepreneurs.
  • Rs 1 lakh countrywide health cover and 2000 medicine shops to control medicine prices.
  • 3,000 stores to be opened under Jan Aushadhi Scheme in 2016-17.
  • 62 more Navodaya Vidyalayas to come up under Sarva Siksha Abhiyan.
  • Rs 1000 cr set aside for higher education financing.
  • Provident fund of 8.33 per cent for new governmnet emplyoyees for first 3 years.
  • Govt is launching a new initiative to provide cooking gas to BPL families with state support.
  • 28.5 lakh hectares will be brought under irrigation under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sichai Yojna.
  • Govt to set apart Rs 412 crore to encourage organic farming.
  • National Skill Develoment Mission has been imparted training to 76 lakh youth. 1500 multi-skill training inititutes to be set up.
  • We plan to launch digital literacy mission scheme for rural India to cover around 6 crore additional household in next 3 years.
  • Rs 19,000 crore allocated for Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana in 2016-17. In all, Rs 27000 crore after state contribution.
  • Will help reduce pollution, increase employment.
  • CPI inflation declined to 5.4 per cent.
  • 5 lakh acres to be brought under organic farming.
  • PM Fasal Bima Yojana allocated Rs 5,500 crore.
  • Agricultural e-market platform on Dr BR Ambedkar's birthday
  • Government to allocate Rs 5,500 crore for crop insurance scheme.
  • Rs 9,000 crore allocated for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Yogana.
  • 5,500 villages electrified by February 2016. 100 per cent electrification of villages by May 2018.
  • Focus on drought-affected areas.
  • Rs 20,000 crore fund allocated for NABARD.
  • Target to complete PM Gram Sadak Yojana by 2019. Rs 19,000 crore allocated for the project.
  • 3 projects to ensure farmers get MSP benefit.
  • Rs 17,000 crore allocated for Irrigation
  • We will undertake significant banking reforms.
  • Created new infrastructure for agriculture
  • Our external situation is robust.
  • Health insurance scheme to bear 1/3rd hospital expenses.
  • Will ensure farm incomes are doubled.
  • Global growth has slowed down, markets have fallen.
  • Will bring fiscal discipline in governance.
  • Growth has now accelerated to 7.4 per cent
  • Increase earnings to farmers by 2020.
  • Priority to provide funds to poorer section of the society
  • Global ecomomy is in serious crisis: Arun Jaitley
  • Indian economy has held his ground firmly.
  • Forex Reserves are at its highest value, 360 billion dollars.
  • Converted difficulties to oppurtunity.
  • We have to spend public funds wisely.
  • Growth despite pay commission suggestions.
  • Inflation has come down.
  • Increased planning expenditure.
  • Pace of reforms must continue.
  • We inherited a weaker economy.

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