'Vaishnavi' Zee Anmol Tv Serial Wiki Story,Promo,Cast ,Title Song,Timing,Pics

'Vaishnavi - Mata Ki Chowki' Upcoming Tv Serial

Sahara’s popular soap opera ‘Vaishnavi’ is all set to make its debut on ZEEL’s free-to-air (FTA) channel Zee Anmol on 13 March 2016 at 7:00 pm

Plot/Story Wiki

Mata ki Chowki is a story of a girl called Vaishnavi, an adopted child of Pandit Vidyasagar and his wife Shraddha. Pandit Vindyasagar never loved her and never accepted her as his daughter. When slowly he started liking her, events started taking a twisting turn and after two years, her mother, Shraddha, dies giving birth to Sunakshi.The blame of her mother's death came on Vaishnavi and she started to be hated even more by her father.
'Vaishnavi' Zee Anmol Tv Serial Wiki Story,Promo,Cast ,Title Song,Timing,Pics
'Vaishnavi' Zee Anmol Tv Serial Wiki Story,Promo,Cast ,Title Song,Timing,Pics

From the early age of six, Vaishnavi develops immense interest and faith in "Ma Vaishno Devi". She starts showing signs of being a super-normal child. She preaches about Mata, sings Jagratas, motivates people to follow Mata and rescues people from pain and misery.
'Vaishnavi' Zee Anmol Tv Serial Wiki Story,Promo,Cast ,Title Song,Timing,Pics

She is a true mata devotee.The story takes another twist when Sunakshi runs away with her lover at the time of her marriage with Vansh. And this ends up Vaishnavi marrying Vansh and throwing herself into an unfamiliar world. Here, Vaishnavi meets Sheel Kumar (father-in-law), the evil force who takes advantage of her devotion towards Mata Vaishno Devi and her ability to motivate people.

Watch the show to know how the devotee of Mata Rani survives in the evil world and what all challenges she has to take.


'Vaishnavi' Zee Anmol Tv Serial Wiki Story,Promo,Cast ,Title Song,Timing,Pics
  • Shantipriya as Maa Vaishno Devi
  • Richa Mukherjee as Child Vaishnavi
  • Sai Balaal as Vidyasagar Pandit
  • Mona Ambegaonkar as Shraddha Vidhyasgar Pandit
  • Muskaan Nancy James as Vaishnavi Vansh Kumar
  • Rahul Raj Singh as Vansh Sheel Kumar
  • Sudesh Berry as Sheel Kumar
  • Sheela Sharma as Ambika Sheel Kumar
  • Tarun Khanna as Yash Sheel Kumar
  • Unknown Person as Arpita Yash Kumar
  • Unknown Person as Gautam Sheel Kumar
  • Zahida Parveen as Sanyukta Gautam Kumar
  • Unknown Person as Sabhya Kumar
  • Usha Bachani as Priyamvada Sabhya Kumar
  • Sachal Tyagi as Moksh Sabhya Kumar
  • Seema Malik as Madhura Moksh Kumar
  • Adita Wahi as Natasha


  • Show Name:- 'Vaishnavi - Mata Ki Chowki’
  • Channel Name:- Zee Anmol
  • Genre :- Drama
  • Starts On :- 13 March 2016
  • Days :- Mon-Sat
  • Time :-07.00pm

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