'Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi' Upcoming Zee Marathi TV serial, Wiki, Story, Cast, Promo, Timing

'Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi' Upcoming Zee Marathi TV serial:

Zee Marathi is all set to welcome the new year with a light romantic comedy serial 'Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi'. Teaser of the upcoming TV show was released recently. The TV serial is based on a classic marathi play with the same name 'Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi' which was written by Dilip Prabhavalkar.

 'Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi' Upcoming Zee Marathi TV serial, Wiki, Story, Cast, Promo, Timing

'Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi' Upcoming Zee Marathi TV serial Promo:

The teaser of this new show 'Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi' portrays an aged mischievous couple who are in their late 70s and early 80s. The old woman is a typical Indian wife who is very much caring and at the same time satirical. She is shown offering him his favorite eatable 'Chakli' and at the same time warns him to be careful while eating as the chakli is a bit hard. Dilip, is shown to be a very mischievous husband and though 83 years old is very much young at heart.

Most Indian couple would be able to relate the show to their day to day lifestyle.

From the promo what we can make out is that the serial aims to bring forth the truth as to how a couple gets used to each other and over a period of time it is the naughtiness and mischievousness which helps them to maintain the required freshness in their relation. Their conversation reminds us of the bitter sweet relation between any loving husband and wife who age with grace and lots of love for each other. So definitely the show is sure to attract couples who have spent long years of togetherness.  

'Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi' Upcoming Zee Marathi TV serial Cast:

As per the latest teaser, veteran artist Dilip Prabhavalkar would be seen in the role of 'Rajabhau' an old husband aged 83 years; whereas renowned actress Sukanya Kulkarni Mone would be playing Dilip's wife, 'Malati'. With this serial, Dilip Prabhavalkar is making a come back to the small screen after almost 15 years. From his famous character Chimanrao to Gangadhar Tipre, Dilip Prabhavalkar has always won the hearts of  the mass. Dilip is a versatile actor who has also enacted in various Marathi as well as Hindi films. On the other hand, Sukanya was recently seen in 'Juloon Yeti Reshim Gathi' serial in Zee Marathi.
Manva Naik   in chuk bhul dyavi ghyavi
Manva Naik

'Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi' serial is produced by a popular Marathi actress Manva Naik who has also directed a Marathi film 'Por Bazar'. With 'Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi' Manva is making her debut as a producer for TV serial. 
 Dilip Prabhavalkar

The screenplay of the serial has been done by Madhugandha Kulkarni.

'Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi' Upcoming Zee Marathi TV serial, Wiki, Promo, Timing:

  • Serial Name: Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi
  • Channel: Zee Marathi
  • Star Cast: Dilip Prabhavalkar, Sukanya kulkarni Mone, others not yet disclosed.
  • Genre: Light Romantic Comedy
  • Commences on: 18th January 2017
  • Timing: 9.30 PM
  • Telecast: Wednesday to Saturday
  • Producer: Manva Naik
  • Director: Swapnil Jaikar
  • Screenplay and Dialogues: Madhugandha Kulkarni

Our team wishes all the very best to all the entire team of 'Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi'.

Readers, stay tuned to this page for more information. 

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