'Teen Titans Go' Cartoon Network India Show Wiki ,Timing ,Charactors ,Promo ,Song ,Pics ,Game

Teen Titans Go! features hilarious, all-new adventures of Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy. They're superheroes who save the day, but what happens when they're not fighting crime?

Join the Teen Titans and see what sort of comedy chaos their rivalries and relationships cause next.


Robin: Robin is the power-mad, perfectionist and spooky leader of the Titans. Sporting no superpowers, he relies on his acrobatics and gadgets to fight crime. He is continually annoyed by the delinquent qualities and actions of his teammates, and often gets frustrated that he can't fully control them. However, he can be very arrogant and emotionally unstable at times. He has a huge crush on Starfire.
'Teen Titans Go' Cartoon Network India Show Wiki ,Timing ,Charactors ,Promo ,Song ,Pics ,Game
'Teen Titans Go' Cartoon Network India Show Wiki ,Timing ,Charactors ,Promo ,Song ,Pics ,Game
Starfire: A friendly warrior princess from the planet Tamaran. Unlike the original show and because of her origin, many of her sentences are grammatically broken (such as saying "the" before verbs, or wording idioms too literally). She is very optimistic, kind, and all-around gleeful, though she can get ferociously enraged on rare occasions. She has the ability to fly very fast, and can generate bright green-colored energy blasts from her hands and eyes. She owns a pet mutant moth larva named Silkie. She is the most optimistic of the team.

A laid-back half-human, half-robot who is more interested in chilling out rather than fighting crime. He is best friends with Beast Boy and is known to say 'booyah' (as mentioned by Starfire in Operation Tin Man). He seems to be the most soulful and outgoing of the group. He appears to be in love with a villain named Jinx.

Raven: A cynical, deadpan half-demon girl who prefers silence. She is the daughter of the evil inter-dimensional demon Trigon. Humorously conflicting her constant dark persona, she is a big fan of "Pretty Pretty Pegasus" (a parody of My Little Pony). Raven's hair is black as opposed to being all violet-purple in the original show. She secretly has a crush on Beast Boy. She is most pessimistic of the team. Her own father, Trigon, is her archenemy.

Beast Boy : A green furry prankster who can shape shift into wild animals. He is considered the least intelligent and most mischievous of the group. He is best friends with Cyborg and used to date Terra, one of the Titans' enemies. He has a massive crush on Raven and tends to flirt with her (he always calls her "Mama"). Meat is his least favorite food.

Telecast Detail

  • Show Name :- 'Teen Titans Go'  
  • Channel Name  :- Cartoon Network India
  • Premier :- 9 January 2017
  • Days :- Mon-Fri
  • Time :- 12.00pm
  • Genre :- Animated Comedy Series
  • Language:- Hindi
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