'Andarmahal' Serial on Zee Bangla TV Plot Wiki,Cast,Promo,Title Song,Timing

Andarmahal Zee Bangla New Serial

'Andarmahal' is an upcoming tv serial on Zee Bangla which will be telecasted from 5 June 2017 at 10.30pm.One of Bengal's most popular actors, Konineeca Banerjee returns to television with Zee Bangla, after a decade with ANDARMAHAL, brought to you by Magic Moments and written by television's most successful storywriter Leena Gangopadhyay.

What's in a name? A woman loses her identity in a family and remains virtually satisfied with just being a wife, a daughter, or a sister in law, aunt and other relations, whilst losing her 'name'.

Plot/Story Wiki

A simple beautiful girl from a middle class Bengali family is married into an ultra-rich family. The groom is well educated and extremely well established. She soon finds herself in an entirely different world. Unlike her earthly ways at home - their outlook is modern, she barely relates to the language they speak or the life they are accustomed to. At first she finds it difficult to adjust to the ways of life but soon with patience and will, she paves herself a path to be able to satisfy all. She soon starts living in a world of relationships, in the process losing her very own identity and individuality.
'Andarmahal' Serial on Zee Bangla TV Plot Wiki,Cast,Promo,Title Song,Timing
'Andarmahal' Serial on Zee Bangla TV Plot Wiki,Cast,Promo,Title Song,Timing
One day, when she is busy running household chores a deliveryman arrives with a parcel marked for Parameshwari. "There's no one by that name", is the household's response. She comes out into the open, from the inner circle of her household (the Andarmahal) and responds to the name - a name that is hers, a name given by her father, lost under the debris of social norms, relations, and responsibilities.

It is not only about the identity crisis that women still face but also portrays the search for one's true identity and as an individual on her own right. It is the story of a simple girl's journey to truly justify her name "Parameshwari".


  • Konineeca Banerjee


  • TV Show Name :-'Andarmahal' 
  • TV Channel Name :- Zee Bangla
  • Days :- Mon-Sat
  • Show Timing :10.30pm
  • Starting Date :-5 June 2017
  • Genre :- Drama
  • Language :-Bengali
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