'Dadagiri Season 7' Serial on Zee Bangla TV Plot Wiki,Host,Promo,Timing

Dadagiri is one of the most popular non-fiction TV shows of Bengal (east and west both). At its helm stands Sourav Ganguly - a cricketing legend, one of the most inspirational and influential personalities of our time. He is the quintessential Bengali Dada, the universal elder brother. Today, the word Dada is a sobriquet of Sourav Ganguly.

When Dada began Dadagiri on Zee Bangla, the show instantly gained tremendous popularity overnight. Since then six seasons have gone by, but the popularity of the show grew more and more. This year, yet again, DADA IS BACK with Dadagiri's 7th Season.

Plot/Concept Wiki

Zee Bangla's Dadagiri actually reinvents the word's interpretation.This Dadagiri is about how a stronger person can reach out to the underprivileged, lend a helping hand, and provide for the helpless. Zee Bangla deems such selfless acts of kindness and compassion as the true essence of Dadagiri. Via different aspects of the show, Dadagiri contributes to the development and well-being of underprivileged people of the districts. These charitable activities have been very effective, creating a sense of gratitude and emotional attachment across the masses of West Bengal. 

'Dadagiri Season 7' Serial on Zee Bangla TV Plot Wiki,Host,Promo,Timing
'Dadagiri Season 7' Serial on Zee Bangla TV Plot Wiki,Host,Promo,Timing

EBAR BANGLA KHELBE HRIDOY DIYE - is the theme of Dadagiri's seventh edition. Literally, it means - THIS TIME BENGAL WILL PLAY FROM THE HEART. This year Dadagiri emphasizes on dealing with situations by relying on the true and pure emotions of human beings rather than with a pre-requisite of personal gains and benefits. In the twenty-first century, life is on the fast track, where everyone is racing against time and does not have the scope of relaxing for even a second.

This has desensitized us, made us self-centered, and warped our emotions, values, and morals. In this kind of a situation values like compassion, empathy, tolerance and patience are hard to find. Hence, when we come across people who have the above-mentioned characteristics, it can be deduced that they are going against the tide and are brave enough to do so. They play from the heart. This makes them the true Dada of their community and Dadagiri salutes them and celebrates their deeds.


  • Sourav Ganguly


  • TV Show Name :-'Dadagiri Season 7' 
  • TV Channel Name :- Zee Bangla
  • Days :-Sat-Sun
  • Show Timing :09.30pm
  • Starting Date :-10 June 2017
  • Genre :- Drama
  • Language :-Bengali