'Class of 2017' Web Series on ALT Balaji Plot Wiki,Cast,YouTube

Ekta Kapoor’s ambitious venture, ALT, will be underway in the coming year, with a promise to show fabulously ‘hatke’ digital content. The team of ALT, we hear is working on few shows at the moment.The show is directed by Suyash Vadhavkar.

The digital platform is more self-exploratory, individualistic and a path-breaking medium to explore.

And you thought highschool was all about chilling out with friends, doing projects and going to trips together. When hormones rule your life and peer pressure defines your routine, can you really trust anyone? Find out the life in #ClassOf2017 on #ALTBalaji.

Synopsis/Plot Wiki

Sid and his friends party in the school premises after bribing the peon. Will the Principal find out the truth?

'Class of 2017' Web Series on ALT Balaji Plot Wiki,Cast,YouTube
'Class of 2017' Web Series on ALT Balaji Plot Wiki,Cast,YouTube

Riya believes that life's too short to have a long term affair!

Sarah is no little miss sunshine, she’s here to face the heat.

Siddharth knows how to have the best time of his life. Be it grades, chicks or parties, he rules the scene like a boss

Ek taraf peer pressure, ek taraf pie ka pressure, highschool is full drama for Nikhil.

Jai puts the STUD in study. Watch him ruling the basketball court and hearts of the gals

Ishaan’s heart is full of love- love for Riya, love for food, love for the group.

Life’s a party for Tasha, you’ll find her hosting the best parties with lots of dope ka scope.


  • Shweta Bajpai
  • Krissann Barretto
  • Anshuman Malhotra
  • Rohit Suchanti
  • Ashish Chanchlani
  • Pooja S Jadhav
  • Rohan Shah
  • Gaurav Sharma
  • Adhish Khanna
  • Sarah Khatri
  • Kajol Tyagi
  • Firdausi Jussawalla

Timing/Telecast Detail

  • TV Show Name :- 'Class of 2017' 
  • Channel Name :-  Alt Balaji
  • Duration :- -------
  • Episode :- ---
  • Genre :- Youth Show
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