'Yugalageethe' on Colors Super Kannada Show Wiki Plot,Cast,Song,Timing

'Yugalageethe' Colors Super Upcoming Kannada Show

Colors Super Kannada Tv channel will launch new show ‘Yugalageethe’, a unique take on love and the bonds forged by destiny, on 4 September. The series will air every Monday to Friday at 7 pm.The show is produced by Karthik Paradkar and Nandini Murthy.

Karna: nanna life-anne haalmaaddhe neenu!
Panchami: nanna life-ee neenu!
Bartha ide Kirik Jodiya Olavina Kathe - YugalaGeethe September 4 rinda, 7pm.

Plot/Story Wiki

Weaving around the lives of the three protagonists—Panchami, Karna and Arjun—‘Yugalageethe’ takes viewers on the journey of three youngsters who find themselves linked by destiny. Panchami (Siri Prahlad) is a simple, innocent and intelligent girl who finds herself entrenched in the life of Karna (Pranith R naik) through a series of unfortunate events during their childhood.
'Yugalageethe' on Colors Super Kannada Show Wiki Plot,Cast,Song,Timing
'Yugalageethe' on Colors Super Kannada Show Wiki Plot,Cast,Song,Timing
Blaming her for an ill-fated accident, Karna looks for newer reasons to hate Panchami, even though his mother and best friend Arjun (Madhusudhan) adore her. Oblivious to the feelings of Arjun, all the while being in love with Karna, Panchami bears through his hatred as she knows they’re bound by fate.


  • Siri Prahlad as Panchami
  • Pranith R naik as Karna
  • Madhusudhan as  Arjun


  • Tv Show Name :- 'Yugalageethe'
  • Channel :- Colors Super
  • Genre :- Drama
  • Day :- Mon-Fri
  • Timing :- 07.00pm
  • Starting Date :- 4 September 2017