'Netaji' popular serial on Zee Bangla Plot Wiki, Cast, Timing

'Netaji' is a popular serial on Zee Bangla which was released on 14 January 2019. The show is produced by cinesuri productions.

বাবার ইচ্ছেতে Indian Civil Service (ICS) পরীক্ষা দিতে বিলেত পাড়ি দিলেন সুভাষচন্দ্র- মাত্র ৮ মাস পড়াশুনা করে অধিকার করলেন পরীক্ষায় চতুর্থ স্থান-কিন্তু ইংরেজ সরকারের দেয়া সম্মানীয় চাকরি ছেড়ে দেশ সেবায় নিজের জীবন উৎসর্গ করার শপথ নিলেন সুভাষ দেখুন #Netaji -আগামীকাল @ 8:30pm 

Plot/Story Wiki

This show is a biographical drama, depicting the life of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. The show begins by presenting the youth of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, and presenting the many brave decisions Bose took as a young boy with his friends. It then transitions to his later life, and his attendance at the Presidency College in Kolkata. The show also presents other groups of independence involved at Bose's time, including the Swadeshis.

Often regarded as the greatest leader of the Indian Freedom Struggle, he fearlessly led his Indian National Army to war against the British, inspiring mass revolts and mutinies throughout the country, ultimately resulting in India's independence.


  • Abhishek Bose as Netaji
  • kaushik Chakraborty 
  • Basabdatta Chatterjee
  • Sriparna Roy


  • TV Show Name :-'Netaji' 
  • TV Channel Name :- Zee Bangla
  • Days :- Mon-Sat
  • Show Timing :-08.30pm
  • Genre :- Biographical 
  • Language :-Bengali
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