'Aparajita Apu' new serial on Zee Bangla Plot Wiki, Cast, Timing

'Aparajita Apu' is an upcoming serial on Zee Bangla which was released on 30 December 2020. The show is written and Directed by Sushanta Das.

নতুন ধারাবাহিক 'অপরাজিতা অপু', আজ থেকে সোম - শনি @ 8:30pm
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Plot/Story Wiki

This show is about
 the inspiring journey of serial lead Apu - a simple girl who overcomes life's adversities to achieve her dreams.

She has stepped forth in the world to make something of herself on her own terms. But what does it translate to? Well, it outlines what Apu feels deep down in her heart – that she will shape her own life.

'Aparajita Apu' new serial on Zee Bangla Plot Wiki, Cast, Timing
'Aparajita Apu' new serial on Zee Bangla Plot Wiki, Cast, Timing

Inspired by a BDO, Apu eventually goes on to become an officer herself. But her life is shackled by the vestiges of age-old patriarchal practices and notions, which means that Apu faces difficult challenges in every step of the way.

Simple and easy going, Apu is a girl-next-door, but she is someone who wants to do something in life and will diligently ensure that she does everything to achieve her dream, trying to put her point across but without hurting the sentiments of others.

While having a father who thinks girls are only to be married off in a good family and living with a sister who sadly believes so too, Apu strives hard to achieve her goals.

Apu's life takes an interesting turn when she meets Dipu. Hailing from a family set in patriarchal values, Dipu has his own school of thoughts and finds solace in supporting Apu. He believes in her and eventually falls in love with her. What entails is a series of events which decide the fate of this endearing young duo and Apu's aspiration of becoming a government officer.


  • Susmita Dey
  • Rohan Bhattacharya


  • TV Show Name :-'Aparajita Apu' 
  • TV Channel Name :- Zee Bangla
  • Days :- Mon-Sat
  • Show Timing :-08.30pm
  • Genre :- Drama 
  • Language :-Bengali
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