Telugu original series – Vyavastha on ZEE5 Plot / Cast Wiki

The courtroom drama follows a story about two sharp characters that provide insight into the profession of law and the influence of money in the administration of justice.The series streams on the platform from 28th April 2023 

Story /Plot Wiki

The courtroom drama series is about two strong-headed lawyers, one is a power-hungry lawyer – Chakraborty and the other is an underdog – Vamsi.  Vamsi is low on self-confidence due to his stammering problem and is not interested in practicing law. But when his ex-love interest is accused of murder, he decides to take up the case and challenge a senior and powerful lawyer. 

They battle it out in the courtroom to determine whether Yamini (played by Hebbah Patel) murdered her husband. Will Vamsi manage to prove Yamini's innocence or there will be a twist to the tale? 
This film is a clash between opposing ideologies, backgrounds, mindsets and two sides of the law.

  • Karthik Ratnam
  • Sampath Raj
  • Hebah Patel
  • Kamna Jetmalani
  • Sukurtha Wagle
  • Shivani
  • Sujith Kumar Reddy
  • Raja Ashok
  • Gururaj

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