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Download English Grammer Capsule for IBPS CLERK Pre Exam 2015-16 | SSC Exams

Download English Grammer Capsule for IBPS CLERK Pre Exam 2015-16

Tips and Strategies:

Know your syllabus first: It is the first and foremost part for the candidates to know the syllabus well before starting to prepare. After going through the syllabus the candidates would come to know what exactly they need to study and they can immediately analyze their strong and weaker sections, so that they can work on those areas to make their preparation perfect. It also gives proper starting for the preparing candidates to launch effectively.

Strengthen your reading comprehension skills: Reading is very important in this examination. Though the questions are all objective and doesn’t require descriptive details to solve, it is required to have a good go with the language in order to solve the reading comprehension and passage part of the paper. It is very important to have a habit of reading and understanding from typical and tough sentences. Candidates need to practice such questions everyday so that they can prepare themselves on how to find answers among the passages. 
Download English Grammer Capsule for IBPS CLERK Pre Exam 2015-16 | SSC Exams
Download English Grammer Capsule for IBPS CLERK Pre Exam 2015-16 | SSC Exams

Make yourself grammatically sound: If you have had any issues with you grammar skills in your secondary level studies, do get back to the basics and prepare yourself thoroughly. The entire paper depends on good sense of grammar and its various contours. Candidates would need to answer questions dealing with basic grammar skills and questions pertaining to forms of verbs, adjectives, parts of speech, direct and indirect sentences, active and passive voices etc. 

Hunt for new words: Strengthening your vocabulary is a very important task while preparing for the paper. There are literally thousands of words with specific meanings which doesn’t seem practical to remember by heart. Hence the candidates need to make the list of words that they see recur quite a many times during their preparation, make a list of it and remember them. This helps in solving questions pertaining to synonyms, antonyms, one word substitutions, questions related to idioms and phrases and many more.


Improve Vocabulary

  • Read as much as possible. If you come across a word you don't know, write it down or look it up.
  • Use a dictionary. Many browsers include dictionaries. If you are reading online, you may be able to right-clcik on a word to look it up.
  • Sign up for a 'word a day' email.
  • Think of ways of remembering words. Do they sound like a word in your own language?
  • Remember words are often used together with other words. Try to learn these 'collocations'.
Download English Grammer Capsule  


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