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'Palak Pe Jhalak' Disnep Channel Tv Show Story Wiki,Charactor,Promo,Timing

Palak Pe Jhalak is an Indian adaptation of That's So Raven which is an American supernatural teen sitcom television series . Palak Pe Jhalak debuted on the Disney Channel India on September 27, 2015 at 10:30 a.m.


The show is set in Delhi and revolves around teenager Nysha Kapoor, played by Ayesha Kaduskar, her friends, her family members; mother (Khyati Keswani) father (Nitesh Pandey) and brother (Arush Rana).

'Palak Pe Jhalak' Disnep Channel Tv Show Story Wiki,Charactor,Promo,Timimg
'Palak Pe Jhalak' Disnep Channel Tv Show Story Wiki,Charactor,Promo,Timimg

In this comedy of psychic proportions, young Nysha Kapoor is your girl next door – but with a twist! Nysha has the ability to see into the future, and gets visions that strike at any time! With her loud but loving family and eccentric but loyal friends, Nysha attempts to use her psychic powers and talent as a fashion designer to ensure her visions don’t come true – with the most hilarious consequences!

  • Ayesha Kaduskar

  • Nitesh Pandey

  • Khyati Keswani

  • Arush Rana

Telecast Details of Palak Pe Jhalak

  • Show Name :- 'Palak Pe Jhalak‬'  
  • Channel Name  :- Disnep Channel
  • Days :- Sunday
  • Time :- 01.30pm
  • Genre :- Comedy Series
  • Language:- Hindi


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