Maya Tv Serial Grand Finale on 2nd February 2015 on Zindagi Tv

Friends As you on know Zindagi Tv Jode Dilo Ko is Currently running Tv show named "Maya"  which is originally a Pakistani show whose real name is "Meri Behan Maya" and it is a Romantic Drama that was aired on Geo Tv in the year 2011.The serial was directed by Azfar Ali and the project head was Iqbal Ansari.

The show is broadcasting  in India on Zindagi, Tv  airing from 12 January 2015, under the title "Maya".  Now this Tv Serial is going to be finished on  2nd February 2015  with  Grand Finale Episode of this Show.

Starcast of Maya Tv Show on Zindagi Tv

Main cast

  • Neelam Munir as Zarmeena
  • Ainy Jaffri as Maya
  • Danish Taimoor as Faizar
  • Javed Sheikh as Shahzeb Khan
  • Bindiya as Attiya

Other credited cast

  • Shamim Hilali as Khala
  • Zarrar Khan as Rashid
  • Sanam Khan as Naima
  • Amna Karim as Zeb
Maya Tv Serial Grand Finale on 2nd February  2015 on Zindagi Tv
Maya Tv Serial Grand Finale on 2nd February  2015 on Zindagi Tv

 Story of Maya Tv Show on Zindagi Tv

Sisterhood is a beautiful relationship; at one instant you see sisters are fighting with each other, and at another moment they become best friends and behave like it never happened. Sisters always support each other against any pessimistic attitude, and guide each other through thick and thin. The same applies to the story of Maya and Zarmeena!

Maya Upcoming Zindagi Tv show in 2015 Cast,Story and Timing
Maya Upcoming Zindagi Tv show in 2015 Cast,Story and Timing
‘Maya’ is the depiction of two sisters’ love and support, and they are the apple of the eye of their father; his decisions are always influenced by keeping the priorities of daughters. Maya is possessive and an upfront, person who always speaks what her heart drives her to say and thus always getting into trouble, whereas Zarmeena is sensible and she covers up Maya’s mess. They live with their father Shahzaib in Murree, who is a Senator and he is a kind of father who has grown his daughters by empowering them with confidence.
Directed by Azfar Ali, the writer is Hasina Moin, who is back again with this serial where she portrays the female protagonists as fearless and living their lives on their own terms. The script is refreshing to see the great bond of sisters who instead of pulling each other down as seen in other serials, support and encourage each other.
Shahzaib has already married Atia Begum and kept it hidden from his daughters until they grow mature enough to absorb this shock… both Maya and Zarmeena get upset by the news but later, accept the second wife of their father only for his happiness. However, Atia Begum comes to Murree, she is not the way as perceived. Maya does not like her stepmother; as she irritates her by playing different tricks on her, but Zarmeena is more cautious. If this is not all, Atia’s son steps in; who makes it worse for Maya to live in her home. Zarmeena, on the other hand, consoles her sister to stay calm, but with Rashid and her stepmother, it becomes harder day by day!

Zarmeena moves to her friend’s house, where she falls in love with her neighbor, Faizur, though his father is not in favor of his son’s love. Meanwhile, Maya also runs away from the home when Atia conspires against her with a revelation that she is not Shahzaib’s daughter. This is a huge blow for Maya and heart-wrenching after which she finally decides to elope.
Will Maya be able to find out the truth about her birth? Can Zarmeena find Maya after her escape? Will Shahzaib get to know the true colors of Atia Begum? These questions definitely add to the interest for the viewers!


Grand Finale Timing of Mausam Zindagi Tv show  

  • TV Channel :- Zindagi Tv
  • Genre :- Romantic Drama
  • Days :- Mon - Sat
  • Timing:- 10:30 pm

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